10-Day Road Trip Through Scotland: Can’t Miss Spots

There’s so much more to Scotland than just the major cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh. Take a 10-day drive through the breathtaking scenic roads of Scotland to discover best castles, landmarks, food and culture you’d otherwise miss.

Scotland’s largest city, Glasgow, is the perfect and most natural kick off point for your road trip through the country, especially since most flights land at this hub. With some of the UK’s most famous shopping streets and rows of restaurants, this bustling city offers something refreshingly familiar if you’ve been to the UK before, but it comes with extra charm and quaintness that worth exploring before heading off on your road trip. It’s also the perfect spot to pick up a rental car for your trip.

Must do: Arriving over the weekend? Head to the city’s center for a street market full of stalls selling homemade sweet treats and freshly grilled savory favours, which are sure to satisfy your jet-lagged appetite.

– Story and photos by Noah Lehava