10 Places to Visit Solo

Take your passport, a carry-on and an open mind. This is an adventure for one.


Explore breathtaking New Zealand on a solo adventure. Image courtesy of pixabay.com.

It's not hard to why so many travellers decided to head out into the world -- solo. You can book a trip on a whim (no waiting for travelling companions to get the same vacation time), there's zero compromising on where to go, how to get there and what to do when you arrive at your destination. And you undoubtedly learn more about yourself on those quiet moments staring out into an unknown land than you would with a noisy group of your best friends. So we hand-picked some of our favourite spots to venture out to alone -- and with their vibrant, traveller-friendly cultures, we promise that you won't feel lonely for a second.

1. New Zealand

For: The zen traveller

What to Expect: You've seen it before (The Lord of the Rings,) but you can't quite grasp the untouched beauty until you see the diverse natural landscapes in person. While it may seem like a remote destination to Westerner travellers, it's a known fact that Kiwis are an especially welcoming and open people. Head to Auckland (the largest city) for an urban refuge, venture out on a glacier in the Southern Alps or set sail on the turquoise waters of the Bay of Islands. New friends, new accents and endless selfie possibilities await.


2. Los Angeles

For: The A-list experience

What to Expect: A sprawling oasis lined with palm trees and smoothie bars, and a spa for every luxe skin and body treatment you've probably never heard of before. Take in the cinematic sights in West Hollywood, the rolling landscape of Beverly Hills and the stunning views from the top of Runyon Canyon. Then take a short drive on the Pacific Coast Highway and choose your preferred beach town and vibe for some Californian sun and surfing.


3. London

For: The European adventure

What to Expect: For first-time solo travellers, London is a great spot to get acquainted with the Euro travel experience. Of course, it's English-speaking -- just with a better-sounding accent. And with trains, planes and boats pouring in from surrounding U.K. and European countries, you'll be meeting like-minded travellers from all over (and possibly new travel companions, should you be carrying on with your Europe trip). But you'll never tire of things to do and landmark places to see (Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Portobello Road Market on a Sunday morning) if London is your sole stop. And since it's a world-class global city, you'll never be alone doing them.


Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.

4. Sydney, Australia

For: The fitness lover

What to Expect: Joggers traversing the gorgeous six-kilometre coastal trail from Coogee Beach to Bondi, yogis practicing in the park on their lunch hour and green juice bar dates in place of coffee on a Saturday morning. If this sounds like your dream vacation, or ideal Monday-to-Friday life, you'll fit right into this sunny Australian city.


Montreal's Old Port. Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.

5. Montreal

For: The French culture lover (and student)

What to Expect: All the trappings of an international city -- art galleries, weekend markets, an easy-to-use metro -- with the local charm and flavour of a tiny European city. Plus you can practice your French language skills at a local café or when venturing into artisanal shops in the cobble-stone streets of the Old Port.


The calm backdrop of Wicklow Mountain National Park.

6. Ireland

For: A scenic, reflective journey

What to Expect: For one thing, a variety of breathtaking backdrops you can easily hop between on trains across the Emerald Isle. Start in Dublin, where you'll meet a high concentration of international travellers at a pub (especially Temple Bar) at any given time. Then make your way to gorgeous nearby destinations, Wicklow Mountains National Park, for a P.S. I Love You-inspired day trip. Or head to Doolin for the best live Irish music and a photo-op at at the majestic Cliffs of Moher. Pro tip: Strike up a convo with your bartenders, they're usually pretty friendly.


Image courtesy of Pexels.com.

 7. New York City

For: A non-stop city escape

What to Expect: A bustling, fast-paced culture that will just as quickly sweep you up into the magic of it all (yes, it's just like movies). Whether it's a cultural experience you're after, filled with galleries by day and Broadway shows at night, a foodie jaunt through Brooklyn, or the chance to blow your life savings within a one-mile radius of SoHo, you can have all of that, and then some -- and never feel alone. This is the city that never sleeps, after all.


Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.

8. Barcelona

For: A Mediterranean adventure

What to Expect: A colourful, whimsical Spanish city, brimming with architecture (mainly Antoni Gaudí), beaches, and seafood paella. Head to a tapas restaurant -- the family-style shared plating will encourage you to take a seat with other travellers. Or give you an excuse to dine extravagantly for one. Both solid options.


9. Bali

For: Eating, praying, loving life

What to Expect: To be immersed in all-encompassing (and, if we're being honest, life-changing) sensory experience. The vast contrasts of this spiritual island in Indonesia will make their way into your heart from the moment you arrive: the majestic Indian Ocean, the rice paddies, the expat culture, the coffee, bustling vibe in Ubud -- did we mention the coffee? Open yourself up to the warmth of the locals and yogi-like travellers; it would be hard not to.


Image courtesy of Pexels.com.

10.  Norway

For: A Nordic adventure

What to Expect: Travel blogger Alyssa Ramos (a frequent solo traveller) recently told us that her favourite Norwegian destination was Svalbard -- an archipelago in the Arctic Ocean. "Not many people go, but if you do, everyone knows it's because you're an explorer!" she said. "It's been the number one place I've been where people thought it was perfectly normal that I was travelling solo, and would strike up a conversation with me." Of course, we'll add the Fjords and Northern Lights as must-see stops as well!

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