10 Totes for Travellers that Fit Everything

A spacious tote bag is the ultimate carry-on companion.


A tote isn’t just an everyday essential, it’s perfect for travel too. It’s always able to fit a seemingly endless amount of items every traveller needs — from that extra scarf, to a couple of magazines and even that dreaded 1L bottle of water (the most annoying, but arguably one of the most important carry-on items). Even if you don’t fill your tote to the brim, extra room is always useful at your destination or the return trip home while you hit up duty free. While a little more digging is always the trade-off for a roomy tote bag, we promise it will be your go-to time and time again. We round-up 10 classic styles to fit every budget.

1. ela Scandi Tote, $398, clubmonaco.com