5 Incredible Eco-Friendly Luxury Hotels

Feel better about where you stay, and still get all that comforting luxury you want, at one of these 5 hotels around the world that all pair luxe with sustainability.

Spice Island Beach Resort, Grenada
This highly-awarded resort on the island of Grenada has been keen on keeping things green since it’s opening. Using solar panels for hot water needs, use of water from the sea during the dry season, energy efficient lighting and AC, plus an on-site staff known as The Green Team shows that “green” and luxe can go together.


Thala Beach Lodge, Australia
Recognized as a Green Travel Leader by Ecotourism Australia for years now, this gorgeous family-run lodge in Queensland is equally luxe as it is eco-friendly. The eco-designed bungalow treehouses sit in the forest providing an unobtrusive stay in nature, where hundreds of butterflies, birds and wallabys thrive. It’s truly a nature lover paradise.

Hi Hotel and Spa, Nice, France
You might not expect to find luxury accommodations in the heart of the South of France, but the Hi Hotel and Spa is dedicated to keeping the hotel as eco-friendly as possible. An owner of the Green Globe certification, you’ll find eco-friendly cleaning products, organic food in the restaurants, use of organic paints and a recycling program along with the chic, minimalist rooms.


The Greenhouse England
The greenest hotel in the UK also happens to be a luxury 4-star property that reduces water consumption, practices sustainable heating, power and lighting, and manages its waste production more than any other hotel in the UK. Yet it looks like a chic country home for the chi-chi British upper class sort.


The Proximity, North Carolina
Sustainability isn’t something that a lot of North American hotels do really well, but The Proximity Hotel in Greensboro has been listed at the greenest hotel in America. From special parking for visitors with fuel-efficient cars to solar heated water, furniture that was produced within 18 miles of the hotel and “outside air” that has been filtered for inside the rooms and hallways, it’s no wonder this hotel received LEED Platinum status (meaning it’s one of the most energy efficient buildings).

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