5 Reasons to Have a Destination Wedding

Why you should consider having your dream wedding away.


Pack your wedding bags – destination weddings are not only growing in popularity, they can make your wedding and honeymoon planning more unique, fun and easier.

1. Give Your Guests an Experience They Won’t Forget
Weddings will bring families, friends and more together no matter what. That cousin you haven’t seen in 15 years will show up, and your parents’ friends will also likely need an invite. But even better – having in it a new destination means everyone will get to explore and experience a new part of the world.

2. The Destination
It could be a favourite spot that you have always loved, or a new to you destination, either way incorporating a destination into your wedding makes it more unique, personal and gives it character. And it will also mean that location will always hold a special place in your life (and could be the perfect place to visit again for an anniversary).

3. Ease of Planning
Whether you’re picking a colonial mansion in Georgia, the rocky coast of eastern North America, or a pristine beach in the Caribbean, most destination wedding locations need very little in the way of decorations (just think of the views!). You’ll save time and money, plus many resorts and hotels have on-site wedding planners to help those who are planning a destination wedding. That equals less stress and more time to enjoy pre-wedding bliss with your partner.

4. Wedding and Honeymoon Spot in One
To make things simple, you can always do a mini honeymoon or your full honeymoon right in your destination wedding spot. Or at the very least it can make it easier to hop on a plane and head somewhere else (think about a destination wedding in Anguilla then hopping on a plane to St. Barth’s. Sounds good, doesn’t it?).

5. Smaller Guest Count
As much a you would love aunt Mildred to make an appearance at your wedding, having it in a different city or part of the world means that a lot of people invited nigh not be able to attend. If you’re looking to keep your numbers low, a far-flung destination (think Bora Bora or a tiny chapel in the south of Spain) will help.

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