5 Reasons to Visit Montezuma, Costa Rica

Pack your bags for this super chill, sunny local in Costa Rica where you can do loads of yoga, learn to surf, or just relax.


Photography of Anamaya Resort courtesy of Geoff McCabe.

Costa Rica has long been a travel hotspot – known for some of the world’s best surf, beaches, jungles and some of the most perfect weather you could imagine. The west-coast town of Montezuma is the epitome of what draws so many people to Costa Rica – that idyllic spot to chill, surf, get your yogi on and explore nature. Situated in Puntarenas Province, almost at the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, Montezuma has been a hidden gem for tourists looking to explore Costa Rica on a budget since the 1980s, but over the past decade it has also become the ultimate spot to relax and veg out in Costa Rica whether you’re on a budget or not. Here are five reasons to take the tiny 20-minute plane ride from San Jose or the ferry across to Montezuma.

1. Anamaya Resort

The ultimate place to unwind, rejuvenate and take a major break, the Anamaya Resort is an escape that most people dream of. Tucked high up on a mountain in the lush jungle Anamaya Resort (which used to be the private home of one of the owners) is primarily a yoga retreat that also combines a spa (complete with Reiki massage, facials and hot stone massages), and the opportunity to learn how to surf (if you sign up for the surf & yoga package). It’s the perfect place to park yourself and forget all about your non-vacation world. Fresh, homemade meals are on the menu (made from vegetables and fruits from the farm), an infinity pool that over looks the ocean (that is perfect for sunrises and sunsets), and rooms that come not only with some amazing views, but some also come with outdoor showers/washrooms.  Not to mention the extensive yoga classes (you can take part in two per day, special workshops, and even silks training) on their two outdoor yoga decks that (you guessed it), come with picturesque views.

2. Rancho Delicioso

Taking a visit to this local farm is like stepping back in time. Fruits and veggies are grown on-site in safe, environmentally-friendly ways, goats are raised to produce fresh goat’s cheese and have loads of roaming space, and chickens are on-hand producing fresh, organic eggs. You can stop by for a visit to see how the farm is run (they have an eco-village) and learn about their practices and local foods, pick up some of their homemade pestos, crackers, chocolate or dried fruits, or you can volunteer and stay on the farm for an extended amount of time to really get in touch with Costa Rica and their way of life.

3. Montezuma Beach

The beach stretching along the town of Montezuma is a gathering place for both locals and tourists. Spend your sunny afternoons here lounging on the sand, catching a boat for an island day trip or swimming in the waves. By night, you can still make the most of the beach thanks to the small town’s most vibrant bar, Chico’s, that has a patio that stretches onto the sand.

4. Surfing

Costa Rica is known for it’s incredible surfing experiences (some would argue that Costa Rica has some of the best surfing opportunities in the world) – and Montezuma has some prime surfing locations. The waves, the wind, the beaches and the sun are all major factors in making catching a wave a reality for avid surfers, but it’s also the perfect spot to learn how to surf if it is on your bucket list.

5. Yoga

A hub for yoga lovers, teachers and aspiring yogis, Costa Rica has some of the best yoga retreats in the world, and the wide mix of options in Montezuma fits just about every yoga level and need. You can go all out and spend a full week long retreat at Anamaya Resort, or you can stay in the small town and take classes form locals and ex-pats teaching in smaller studios.


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