5 Things to Pack for a Beach Vacation

Carry-on or not, these five items should always be in your bag when you’re hitting up a hot beach destination that will help protect you from harsh rays.

what to pack for a beach vacation

Protect yourself and your skin on your next beach vacation. Photo by Shutterstock.

1. Sunscreen
The number one item to pack for any hot destination? Sunscreen. No matter what your skin tone, whether you tend to burn, or not, the sun’s rays these days are harsher than ever before. Especially if you’re leaving a cold destination and vacationing in a hot spot – your skin could easily burn with such a huge temperature change. Even if you don’t see the effects of a sunburn, tans can also have negative impacts on the health of your skin. The bottom line is, sunscreen is an absolute must. Look for ones that are mineral based so they don’t irritate your skin, and don’t forget to reapply throughout the day, after dips in the pool or ocean and after you have sweated.

2. A Sheer, Light-Weight Cover Up
An easy way to help protect against the sun is with a sheer, light-weight cover up – it will keep you cool if it is breathable, and will also provide a light layer between you and the sun. A lot of tropical or beach destinations are not only hot and sunny, but windy, too – a cover up can help prevent against wind burn as well. If you don’t want to completely cover up your bikini, opt for one that is more sheer, but be careful to still top up on your sunscreen underneath.

3. A Wide-Brimmed Hat
Want an easy way to prevent fine lines, dark spots and wrinkles? Pick out a chic hat and always wear it in the sun. Even with sunscreen on your face, the sensitive and thinner skin is more prone to darkening and burns (think your nose, forehead and ears). And a hat also protects your scalp (anyone who has a centre, or defined part in there hair will know that a burn there is not only painful but hard to avoid without a hat). Beach hats are also on trend right now – Panama style hats go with just about anything, fedoras will provide protection for your face, but not your shoulders, and wide-brimmed hats will cover your face, scalp and shoulders if you’re very fair.

4. Sunglasses
Shield your eyes with UVB/UVA protected sunglasses. Picking up a cheap pair at the local beach shop probably won’t do – you should get your glasses from a professional shop before heading on vacation to make sure you’re protected. It will not only keep your eyes safe from the increasingly harsh rays, but it can also help protect the skin around your eyes form burns, dark spots and even fine lines (no more squinting in the sunlight).

5. Post-Sun Protection
Sometimes, no matter how preventative you are or how many precautions you take, you end up with a sunburn. That’s why packing a small bit of cooling gel, such as aloe vera, can help ease and treat any burns you might get. Soothe, then cover up and stay out of the sun as much as possible – there’s nothing worse than flying back with a bad sunburn to deal with.

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