5 Things You Don’t Need to Pack on Your Next Vacation

While there are tons of things you need to pack on your next vacation (like a great pair of sunglasses or your bathing suit), there are some things you should just leave at home. Besides weighing your luggage down, you’d be surprised at what sits in your suitcase never to be used. Plus if you really need it, 99% of the time you’ll be able to find it at your destination (hello, excuse to go shopping!). Read on to find out what items you don’t really need to pack.

Leave the hardcover books at home.

1. Books/Magazines
While we’re definitely partial to having reading material on the road, we suggest keeping it to a minimum. That hardcover copy of War & Peace you’ve been meaning to start or the last few issues of Vogue you haven’t fully finished, we don’t think you should bother packing any. In fact if you want to bring a book or two, we suggest an eReader (our favourite is the Kobo) and when it comes to magazines, you can pick one up at the newsstand or download some recent issues on your iPad. Your carry-on (and shoulder) will thank you.

2. Full-Sized Toiletries
Be it shampoo, face wash or body lotion, travelling with your full-sized toiletries can really take up a lot of space (and add weight) to your luggage. If you’re not super picky and heading to a luxe hotel, consider not packing the basics (like shampoo and body lotion), as you’ll find great toiletries in your room. Considering The Bowery Hotel in NYC that stocks C.O. Bigelow or the Acqualina Resort in Florida that carries ETRO, using the in-room products doesn’t sound so bad, right?

3. Electronic Converter
You’re off to Europe and you think hey I need to pack a converter — well, you might not. Many electronics now a days actually have chargers that convert the voltages for you, so double-check yours before you take flight. You may however need a plug adapter (Europe has different plugs than in North America) to allow you to plug your electronics into the wall. But if you’re really not too concerned, many hotels have ones you can borrow from the front desk.

This gold necklace from H&M is a steal at $20

4. Valuable Jewellery
If your next trip is a safari or yoga retreat, chances are you aren’t even thinking about packing a heap of jewels, however if you’re planning on dressing up your wardrobe, leave the valuables at home and opt for costume pieces instead. We think you can still look super stylish without putting a piece on over $100 — from statement rings at Club Monaco to fun accessories at H&M, if you happen to misplace something during your journey you won’t come home heartbroken.

5. Multiples of Clothing Items
With the exception of underwear, unless you’ve got a Rachel Zoe-worthy wardrobe and an invite calendar to match, you’re probably looking to fill only one suitcase worth of clothes. If that’s the case don’t pack multiples. Jeans is a great example. Great for a city getaway, but for a weekend away do you really need more than one pair? Shoes is tough (we can attest), but you’ll probably be fine with the pair on your feet, plus maybe an evening heel and sandal (if you’re heading to a beach destination). Pack lighter and you can always buy something you feel you’re missing. Trust us, it’s a win-win compromise.

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