5 Travel Resolutions for 2014

These resolutions will take you to new destinations, ease stress and keep you healthy while travelling in 2014.

Image courtesy Shutterstock.

Image courtesy Shutterstock.

1. Pack Just a Carry-on
Ok, before this statement is deemed impossible or insane –try it! It’s not as hard as one might think. It’s all in how and what you pack. The first key is to roll your items. Second key? Only take what you need – including shoes – and plan your outfits ahead. For warmer destinations think about light, wrinkle free options that will roll into small items. For cold destinations it’s all about light layers, blazers and button ups that work well on their own, under blazers and under sweaters and/or cardigans. Think of all the time you will save not having to wait for luggage at the carousel, never worrying about lost luggage again, and even saving on baggage fees.

2. Do One Thing Outside Your Comfort Zone
Whether it’s zip lining through the Costa Rica jungle, getting up close to an elephant on safari or turning your phone and email off for one solid week, plan a trip or vacation that pushes your limits, tests your strength and expands your mind. It can be big or small, either way, it can completely change your perspective of the destination you visit and give you a chance to check a few things off your bucket list.

3. Give Back
It doesn’t mean you have to do a full out voluntourism trip, or build a school in Central America (although those are two amazing options). Just find a way to give back to a country or city you visit in the new year. Making donations, offering time or even spreading the word about an organization on social media are great ways to pay back the place that inspired you so much on a trip.

4. Travel Solo
They say the true test of a relationship is to travel with that person. It will either make or break you. Think about that for yourself and take some time for just you. Explore Paris solo, chill in Turks & Caicos with a book or take a mountain yoga retreat in the heart of British Columbia. Whether it’s for a weekend or three weeks quality time with just you can be a healing experience and really open up your travel experiences and make you more open to meeting new people. Spending a few days on your own also means you get to do exactly what you want to do on your trip – so spending 5 hours at the Victoria & Albert Museum, or window shopping for a full afternoon in New York is not a question – it’s completely up to you.

5. Live Like a Local
Step outside your usual comfort zone of only staying in hotels and five-star resorts. Leaving the royal treatment and even some comforts behind can equal a more rewarding travel experience or vacation. Book an apartment (we’re fans of onefinestay.com), buy groceries at the local market, cook up local delicacies and stay in neighbourhoods where people actually live and work. Chances are the top tourist attractions are a short commute away, and you’ll get the true vibe and feeling of the destination by being in a less travelled part. Or get a local app that will show you those hidden gems of bars, restaurants, galleries, cafés and shops that only a local would know about (we’re fans of likealocalguide.com).

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