5 Ways to Make Travel Less Stressful

Travel can feel so stressful sometimes that you think you need a vacation from your vacation. From tips to getting through security faster to ways to save money on your vacation, we have travel tips to make your trip a breeze.

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Do carry-on only

One of the biggest stresses when travelling is if your bag gets lost or delayed. Especially if you’re trying to get somewhere for for an amazing vacation or have a connecting flight! Save yourself the anxiety and the time and money that comes with checked bags and do a carry on. If you do need to do a checked bag, make sure you have all your basic essentials in your carry on or personal bag (change of clothes, toiletries, special or expensive gifts), so if something does go awry, you’ll be ok for a few days.

Be organized

Going through security is more and more cumbersome these days. Make it easier on yourself by being organized. Have your laptop and toiletries easily accessible. Wear slip on shoes so it’s easy to take them on and off, and make sure everything is the proper carry-on size. If you really want to breeze through, look at buying a priority pass, or get access to a lounge (if you collect points you can get these or get upgrades) to help bypass those long lines. Keep a screen shot photo of your boarding pass on your phone, just in case you can’t download it from your email.

Be nice to yourself and others

Make your seat and your time in an airport your own little oasis. Pack noise-cancelling headphones so you can listen to a podcast, spa music, whatever you need to feel more at home and relaxed! They’re also great for an overnight flight to help get some shut eye. Little things like combating the dry airplane and winter air can also help — I recently started flying with eye drops and with essential oils… if you’re feeling tired and dehydrated you’ll be more irritated, so take care of yourself first. Don’t forget to also be nice to airline/car rental/hotel employees! They’ll be far more likely to help you out in a tough situation if you’re kind to them and treat them with respect.

Use apps to save time and hassle

I always use an app like TripIt to keep all my flight information (or train, hotel, really any reservation) all in one handy spot so I’m not looking for confirmation numbers. TripIt also alerts you of any delays in your schedule so you don’t show up for your flight only to find out it’s delayed by 3 hours. Airline apps are also great resources for up-to-the-minute changes. If you are looking to book something last-minute, apps like Hopper or Skyscanner are great for scouring for the best flight deals, so you don’t spend tons of time looking at dozens of sites.

Get insurance

Make sure you are covered for cancellations, delays, airport hotel charges or lost bags. Most credit cards offer travel insurance, you just need to really look at the fine print to know exactly what you’re covered for. Keep your policy number, and any details easily accessible, whether that’s a note you write down and keep with you, or kept on your phone…. Easy access to all of that information in the event of a tricky situation will help ease stress.

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