7 Reasons to Book Your Stay With HotelTonight

The travel app’s COO Jared Simon chats with us about why you should consider booking your next hotel stay with them.

A luxurious room at the Thompson Toronto, a property available on HotelTonight.

A luxurious room at the Thompson Toronto, a property available on HotelTonight.

Launched in 2011, HotelTonight has been the leading mobile app for last-minute hotel bookings. With hotel partners in more than 450 destinations around the world in cities like New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Toronto, Berlin and Mexico City, the app has been regularly adding destinations and features since its inception.

Named one of TIME magazine’s 50 Best iPhone Apps in 2013, HotelTonight recently announced key-less entry and mobile check-in and a few weeks ago the ability to check in up to seven days in advance. We recently had the chance to chat with HotelTonight’s COO Jared Simon who shared with us the app’s latest additions and explained why you should consider booking your next hotel stay with them.

1. You’ll Save Time

When you book a hotel over the phone or online you have to give all of your data, credit card information, address, the works. Then when you arrive you have to basically do it all again. Not with HotelTonight. App users can use Express Check-In, expediting the repetitive process. “Essentially all your information including information for incidentals is transmitted to the hotels directly when you make a booking, so that when you show up to the front desk  you don’t have to give them another credit card,” explains Simon. “You can just get your key and you are on your way.”

2. You Can Save Money

Who doesn’t want the best room for the cheapest rate? HotelTonight is able to offer discounted rates because they work directly with the hotels to help them sell off their unsold rooms. “You can see discounts from 20 to 50%,” says Simon. “It all depends on the market dynamic in the moment.” For example if there is a big event or conference in the city and many of the hotels are at capacity, you might not get as good of a discount say if you’re looking for a hotel during the summer in Arizona. It all comes down to demand.

3. Get into a Luxury Hotel for Less

Expect to find luxury properties in the HotelTonight app. There’s Toronto’s Thompson Hotel, the Gramercy Park Hotel in New York City, Viceroy Santa Monica and Wynn Las Vegas to name just a few. “There is going to be a luxe hotel on display in any markets where luxe hotels exists,” explains Simon. “Certainly in the big cities that is generally an option.” Combined with the savings options, it’s a great way to stay in a hotel that would otherwise be more expensive.

4. Get Into Your Perfect Neighbourhood

Spontaneity doesn’t have to be the reason you book with HotelTonight. It can be difficult to know what neighbourhood you want to stay in, especially if you’re never been to the city before. Waiting until the night of can give you the day to check out what area you want to be in and then you can book a hotel that fits what you’re looking for. There’s also the alternative scenario in which a pre-planned hotel you picked isn’t what or where you wanted, and HotelTonight can solve that issue no problem!

The HotelTonight app.

The HotelTonight app.

5. Search Less

Half of the battle when booking a hotel is searching through the long lists of options. A major pro when it comes to booking through HotelTonight is that you’re browsing through curated picks that pass their, “We’d want to stay, too” criteria. Each hotel is also categorized with labels including “Luxe,” “Hip,” “Basic,” and “Charming,” so you can easily distinguish the type of property you want to consider. You don’t even have to veer off their app either for details. They give a brief but valuable “Why We Like It” rundown, highlight the hotel’s amenities and include real travellers photos so you can a realistic idea of the property.

6. There’s a Price Guarantee

Not only are you getting a really fantastic rate, but HotelTonight guarantee’s it. If you manage to find a lower rate elsewhere (it has to be the same date, room type and be publicly available among other conditions) they will top up your account with credits that equal the difference between what you paid on HotelTonight and the lower price.

7. Book Up to Seven Days in Advance

The app’s latest offering has us Type-A travellers feeling pretty good. Before travellers could only book after 9am for a room the same night, but thanks to the latest update, you can now search and book up to seven days in advance. Included in this update are themed “Playlists” of hotels with recommendations on where and when to book to help inspire last minute travels. For example you might find a list of hotels great for a weekend beach getaway or hotels with great pools for Sunday Funday.

To celebrate their latest news HotelTonight is offering a special promotion for guests who book on the app before the end of October 2014 will receive an immediate 10% in HotelTonight Credits, which can be used on a future booking. Bonus: it can be redeemed for an unlimited amount of times during the month.

Get the app now.

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