7 Tips For Getting Upgraded on Your Next Flight

How you can swing an upgrade into business or first class on your next flight.

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That elusive business class seat could be yours, if you follow some of these tips.

1. Mind Your Ticket

Super discounted tickets mean there are loads of restrictions. Those restrictions can prevent a flight attendant from bumping you up into another class. The more you pay (i.e. look for “flexible” fares”), the greater the chance you’ll get an upgrade.

2. Be Loyal To An Airline

Airlines reward those who are loyal to them, so sign up and start collecting points and status miles with one airline, or airline group (such as One World or Star Alliance). This will appear on your ticket when checking in, and passengers who are frequent flyers and loyal will be the first to get bumped up if available.

3. Travel Alone

It’s a lot easier to find one empty seat in business or first class than two, three or even four.

4. Offer to Be Bumped

So many flights are oversold these days. It’s common airline practice to overbook, and often flight attendants are looking for people to give up their seat and take a later flight. Keep your flight times flexible, and offer at check in or the gate to take a later flight if needed, and you’ll not only be rebooked, but also likely compensated with better seating and/or a credit.

5. Got a Problem?

If you’ve been inconvenienced in some way by the airline (cancelled flight, etc.) this is a great time to leverage your compensation and ask for an upgrade.

6. Have a Good Reason

If you haven’t booked a very restricted ticket, you can ask for an upgrade. Just have a great reason. If you’re super tall, are on your honeymoon, etc. these are all great reasons to request and upgrade.

7. Be Nice

As much as people believe that it’s about what you wear (big Gucci sunglasses, designer bags, and whatnot), it’s also just as much about being polite, considerate and accommodating. Flight attendants have tough jobs and are often at the forefront of A LOT of complaints, so having someone who is nice, professional and understanding will do a great deal in your chances for getting that coveted upgrade.

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