9 Items to Always Pack For a Cruise

Don’t board a cruise ship, no matter the size, without these handy items.

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Packing for a cruise is a little bit different than packing for a regular trip. Here are our top picks of items you may not of thought of packing, but are oh, so necessary!

  1. Seasickness and sunburns are your most common concerns (sunburns more so on a cruise than on a land vacation because of wind and reflections off the water) , so make sure you pack anti-nauseants and good sunblock, and a hat. Keep in mind these items are always way more expensive to buy on board, so save yourself the extra costs and pack what you’ll need for the whole trip.
  2. Create more storage space in a small cabin by bringing an over-the-door multi-hook hanger or a multi-pocket organizer to store things like shoes, sandals, toiletries (because bathrooms are often small with little counter space).
  3. Items that you should have in abundance include any commonly used toiletries or medicines. Items are available on the onboard shop, but they will be extremely overpriced, so pack extra and be ready for all possibilities.
  4. Irons are no-nos on cruise ships, so make sure you carefully pack your wrinkle-prone items (for dinners, etc.) either in plastic or protective sheets (think of the paper you get from dry cleaning), or better yet, opt for wrinkle-resistant fabrics.
  5. Another must-pack item? A power adapter or two if your ship doesn’t use North American electrical sockets.
  6. A lanyard for your passes, ID, etc. so you have easy access to your ship cards, ID. Also always make sure to have a separate bag (backpack or tote) to carry all your documents when you leave the ship–you won’t be allowed back on without that ship’s ID requirements!
  7. A waterproof bag: Especially if you’re cruising around islands or anywhere tropical where beach time is involved, having your necessities/IDs in a waterproof bag is essential.
  8. Alarm clock: Cabins often don’t come with a clock, so if you’re not a fan of using your smartphone for your alarm wake up, bring a portable clock.
  9. Towel clips/clothes pins: Hanging your towel up to dry can be tricky in tight quarters, but clips will help you hang your towel on the backs of chairs, or in the bathroom.

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