Airline Safety Videos Get Creative

Virgin America takes their in-flight safety video to the next level with song and dance.

A scene from Virgin America's creative in-flight safety video.

A scene from Virgin America’s creative in-flight safety video.

Not paying attention to the airline safety video is par for the course. When the video starts most people start looking at their phones, reading the newspaper — anything BUT watching the video. In an effort to entertain as well as inform, Virgin America is taking the airline safety video to the next level with a full-on song and dance production.

“We thought, what better way to shake things up than to re-imagine the safety video through the language of music and dance?” says Jesse McMillin, Creative Director at Virgin America on the site’s website. “With our creative partners at Virgin Produced, a world class director, and some of the best and brightest music and dancing talent – not to mention our in-flight teammates, we brought this amazing idea to life.”

Directed by Jon M. Chu, who’s Hollywood resume includes Step Up 2 and G.I. Joe: Retaliation, believes it will not only help with safety, but entertain travellers. “Virgin America’s first safety video is probably the only one that I’ve ever paid attention to when flying,” he admits.

The 5-minute video manages to entertain in a very Glee-inspired way without venturing into cheesy territory. Check out the video here:

Although they’re the first airline to add song and dance to an airline safety video, Virgin America isn’t the first to get creative. Last year Delta Airlines came out with a cheeky video incorporating subtle visual gags throughout, and just a week ago came out with a holiday version of their safety video (Santa, the abominable snowman and a mini elf all make appearances).

Air New Zealand, who caused a stir with their “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Briefing” safety video, is at it again this time with the help of Betty White. Their “Old School Safety Video” puts seniors in the forefront, putting another entertaining spin on the safety video.

We’re all for airlines taking creative liberties when it comes to their in-flight safety videos — in fact thanks to the success of viral videos such as the Hobbit safety video from Air New Zealand, we think this type of marketing is only going to continue in the future with more airlines following suit. Not only is it good publicity and positioning for the airline, but it keeps us passengers entertained — and considering some of the stresses you can endure during a trip — any bit of fun certainly helps.