Best European Cities in The Spring

10 European cities that are incredible to visit during springtime.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Why is this the best time of year to visit one of the world’s most popular destinations? Because it’s less busy, hectic and crazy. Summer months see the biggest influx of tourists to the old city of Dubrovnik. But in the spring, the crowds are far less, the weather is pleasant (you won’t be sweating up a storm walking up and down the steep stairs). One way to make it even more pleasant is to time your visit into the old city early in the morning or late evening. You’ll avoid peak cruise ship time (usually between 11am-4pm).

Dublin, Ireland

March is not only shoulder season in Ireland, but it also happens to be St. Patrick’s Day mid-month. So you know you’re going to have a jolly good time in Dublin around this time of year. Also good to note: things are getting that beautiful Irish green colour this time of year, and although it may rain often during the spring, it feels fresh, and all you’ll really need it an umbrella to keep dry.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Tulips. That’s all we have to say. TULIPS! Aside from the prettiness that Amsterdam sees from being in full bloom in the springtime, it has a lot going for it as the weather warms. It’s the perfect time to rent a bike and cycle around from museum to museum, cafe to cafe, along the canal and to picture-perfect streets.

Palms, Majorca

Most people flock to this Spanish Island in the summer, when it’s hot, hot, hot and filled with beautiful people. Spring brings mild temps, less crowds and a chance to actually kick back and relax poolside without having a crowd of selfie takers by your side.

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Zagreb, Croatia

A lesser known city in Croatia is Zagreb. It’s not next to the glorious Dalmatian coast that draws so many visitors, so it’s already not a massive tourist hotspot. But what it lacks for in coastline, it makes up for in beautiful streets, squares, cafes and restaurants. Inspired by the Vienna’s architecture, this once Austrian controlled city has all the charm and beauty of Vienna with a Croatian twist.

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Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sarajevo might not be one of Europe’s busiest cities when it comes to tourists, but we guarantee that it will soon start to become a popular spot. The warmer months bring the city to life with markets and squares opening up in the old part of the city. Tour around the historical centre, learn the incredible history of the city and the mix of cultures, and take in the beautiful viewpoints. And don’t forget to indulge in some traditional coffee at a local cafe.

Copenhagen, Denmark

This Danish city is pretty all year long, but when it is in bloom in spring, it has an extra bit of prettiness. It’s a perfect time to do a boat ride along the canal, rent a bike and do as the Danes do and cycle the city, hit up the local food market stalls, picnic in the parks and stroll through the Tivoli Gardens.

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Paris, France

Paris is the classic, quintessential springtime European destination for many people. And while we’re always fans of Paris, no matter what time of year, it certainly does have a je ne sais quois during spring. Flowers are in bloom, days are warm and evenings chilled, people are out along the Seine with wine, bread and cheese, there’s a lovely glow in the evenings… just make sure you are prepped for rain. Paris is just as romantic and charming in the rain, but from March-the end of April, showers are definitely possible. Just bring the chicest umbrella you can find.

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Barcelona, Spain

The best thing about Barcelona in the springtime? It’s not nearly as hot and sticky. Summer months equal a lot of humidity in Barcelona, so the spring brings a welcome warmth minus the sweat. It’s also a little less busy at this time with fewer cruise ships coming in, so you can wander without the crowds that are associated with the city during peak summer.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana’s charm comes from its Old Town. Running along the river with pointy-topped churches, elegant houses, hilly streets and Baroque buildings, you could easily say that Ljubljana is one of the most romantic places in Europe. Springtime is perfect for a quick visit, streets are bustling with locals, open-air cafes and restaurants, tiny street festivals, gallery exhibit openings and more.

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