Celebrity Stylist Cristina Ehrlich’s Top 6 Travel Style Tips

She dresses the likes of Julianna Margulies and Allison Williams and now Cristina Ehrlich shares her top travel style tips!


spokesperson Cristina Ehrlich shares her travel tips!

Celebrity stylist and Marshalls Canada spokesperson Cristina Ehrlich shares her travel tips!

Anytime we have the chance to steal some style tips from a celebrity stylist, we’re on it. Because we’re always on the hunt for ways to make our travel wardrobe that much better (and want to fin ways to incorporate trends into our basics). So when celebrity style guru and Marshalls Canada spokesperson Cristina Ehrlich was offering up some tips on how to travel more stylishly, we had to get her insight! Here are top six ways to pack the perfect wardrobe, no matter what the destination.

1. Always (Always!) Think About Fit

There’s just something about the perfect fitting LBD, jeans, or blouse that will make you feel good no matter where you are in the world. And they will instantly become your travel wardrobe must-haves. “One of my most important things, no matter what brand you’re wearing is how something fits your body,” says Ehrlich. “Even if you’re wearing skinny jeans, a tank top and a little jacket, it’s how it fits. You want to look at something and never know that it’s a $60 dress.” And one comforting fact to note? Just about every person out there is in need of a little tailoring to get that ideal fit. “Almost every girl I dress we remake the dress for her. It’s all about the tailoring.”

2. Think About Repurposing

We’re big fans of carry-on only (it’s no secret!), but that means you need to have versatile pieces to extend the wear, and Ehrlich agrees. She’s all about key separates that work well as mix and match pieces. “I love the idea of doing something in one colour, so whether you’re going all blue, all red or all white it’s really very chic, effortless and you can also split them up so easily.” That royal blue top will go with your white denim, a black pencil skirt, grey trousers, or a multi-patterned skirt. “When shopping try and really have some intelligence behind the choices you’re making by buying something that you’re going to get a lot of mileage out of.”

It's time to invest in a light-weight white blazer this spring for your travels! Collarless Blazer, $34.99, marshallscanada.ca

It’s time to invest in a light-weight white blazer this spring for your travels! Collarless Blazer,
$34.99, marshallscanada.ca.

3. The Blazer Is Your Go-To Piece

Packing one blazer in your suitcase can make the world of difference when it comes to a versatile travel wardrobe, especially this spring. “Get a really great, light-weight blazer for spring. White is a great way to go,” Ehrlich suggests. “You can wear it with a tank top, with leggings, over the shoulders (one of my favourite signature things to do). It’s a key piece if you’re going to Paris for the week or if you’re going to Nantucket for the weekend. It’s easy to throw it in your suitcase to pair with so many different looks.”

4. Mix and Match

Don’t be afraid to bring some fun into your travel wardrobe either (even we get tired of black, grey and white!). Ehrlich says that playing with patterns, prints and accessories (like Margot Robbie or Diane Kruger do) can really up your travel wardrobe game. And don’t shy away from mixing your high street finds with expensive duds. “Mix prints, textures and accessories. You can still break everything up and mix and match,” she explains. “When my clients aren’t on the carpet they want fun pieces in their life, they all want value, pieces where they can have and interchange them. I don’t have one single client that doesn’t like to mix the high and the low.”

5. A Leather Jacket is Your Travel BFF

The leather jacket is truly a travel wardrobe staple. “Every woman no matter what season it is needs one if you’re going to travel and getting on a plane. Or you want to have that cool girl going through the airport vibe,” she insists. “It doesn’t matter if it’s white, grey, or if it’s vibrant blue.” As someone who is plane-hopping across North America on a regular basis, Ehrlich is never without her leather jacket. “A leather jacket is always going to give you so much value. Even if it’s winter and you have on a black turtleneck and you throw this on with your black jeans and black boots you have the cutest look ever. For summer even though it’s hot during the day most places it’s colder at night. You have on a little tank top on and you just throw your leather jacket on. It’s a piece that you ‘wear’ but it’s also like an accessory.”

Stop lugging around a big tote. This small bag is perfect for your travels. Designer Leather Satchel, $319.99, marshallscanada.ca.

Stop lugging around a big tote. This small bag is perfect for your travels. Designer Leather Satchel,
$319.99, marshallscanada.ca.

6. Ditch The Big Bag

“I’m boycotting the big bag!” says Ehrlich. “I’m so tired of carrying them and my shoulders hurt and I can’t find anything!” And when it comes to travel, a smaller bag is so ideal for strolling through the streets of Paris, or walking the boardwalk along Venice Beach. “A lot of designers now, like Jason Wu, are doing these smaller bags,” explains Ehrlich. “It’s that easy little bag where you’re out the door, you have your iPhone you have your lipstick, and maybe your power bar and subway card. And that’s it. There’s something very cute about all these smaller type bags that are compact.”

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