Dry Shampoo Fix

Oscar-Blandi-Dry-Shampoo-SprayWhile we’re on the wash-your-hair-once-a-day bandwagon, there are those times when travelling that a shower or a spritz of water just won’t liven up your limp day-old locks (hello trans-Atlantic overnight flight). Just because we don’t have access to our shampoo and conditioner doesn’t mean we want to deplane with desperate looking tresses, but to be honest, we haven’t been big fans of dry shampoo. The sweet smells and powdery finish can leave your hair looking lackluster, dull and dry — not to mention the tangles that ensue.

It looked like our hair was going to always be bun-ready until we discovered Oscar Blandi‘s Pronto Invisible Volumizing Dry Shampoo Spray. Not a powder, you spray this clear, dry shampoo on your roots for an instant lift, minus the frosty, dull finish. And the scent isn’t too strong. We both tested out the spray (for blondes and brunettes) and found that it gave our hair instant texture, volume and a new life. There was no stickiness or residue, and best of all our hair look healthy and shiny.

So, once you’re off that plane, dip into your luggage and give your hair a spray. Dry shampoo skeptics have met their match.

Available at Sephora.com.