The Best Face Mask for Travel

If you travel to hot or cold destinations, or get dry skin while travelling, you’ll love this soothing skin care face mask.

maskeraide weather warrior

When it comes to beauty products and travelling, I tend to keep things on the light side. I take only the bare minimum. Cleanser, moisturizer and a tinted moisturizer when it comes to skin care. I’m always thrilled with this choice when I board the plane, carry-on only and know that I have travelled light.

But sometimes when I land in a destination – after a long flight or one with a dramatic temperature change – my skin is crying out for a little extra attention. It needs a little skin pick-me-up. Since I don’t want any extra bottles or containers, my best bet has always been a pre-packaged face mask. And I found one that is just perfect for weather changes. Maskeraide Weather Warrior delivers a jolt of soothing aloe, green tea, witch hazel and even argan oil to calm skin post ski run or post afternoon poolside. Just peel the pack and apply the cloth mask to your face for 10-15 minutes, and you’ll have glowing skin once more. It could be the best travel face mask yet.

Maskeraide Weather Warrior face mask, $5.99,

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