Flying Emirates A380: Fast & Ultra-Luxurious

Emirates boasts the shortest scheduled flight of an A380 airbus travelling from Dubai to Kuwait.

The Onboard Lounge for Business and First Class passengers.

The Onboard Lounge for Business and First Class passengers. All photography courtesy Emirates.

When you think luxury air travel chances are Emirates is the airline that comes to mind. Remember the airplane in Sex & the City 2 that the ladies fly to Abu Dhabi (don’t pretend you missed the sequel) — that airline. Well, not only does it have an incredible in-flight experience, but their A380 from Dubai to Kuwait is now the world’s shortest scheduled A380 airbus flight coming in at one hour and 45 minutes. The challenge, of course, is to provide the same level of service you’d get on a long flight, in a lot less time!

You'll feel refreshed after sleeping in a flat bed. Photography courtesy Emirates.

You’ll feel refreshed after sleeping in a flat bed.

So what are those ultra-luxurious amenities available to passengers on an A380?

  • 14 First Class Private Suites, which give you access to one of two Shower Spas
  • Wi-Fi and an award-winning ice entertainment system with up to 1,800 channels
  • Two on-board lounges accessible to Business and First Class passengers
  • Flat bed seating for Business and First Class
  • A signature Healthy Options menu; wines selected by their sommeliers and First Class extras like High Tea and hors d’oeuvres in the Onboard Lounges

Currently their A380 flies to over 30 countries, with routes including Toronto to Dubai, New York to Dubai, Dubai to Los Angeles, Singapore, Paris and more. Less than a week ago, the first scheduled A380 departed from Dubai to Mumbai, following closely after the Kuwait service. New routes coming out of Dubai include Boston, Oslo, Chicago and Budapest.

Check out their behind-the-scenes video showing how they can provide luxury service to passengers in 20 minutes on their Dubai to Kuwait flight: