Frequent Flyer: Alexander Liang of KENTON Magazine

This taste-maker shares some of his favourite travel spots and playlist musts.


As the Editor-in-Chief and Founder of KENTON Magazine, Alexander Liang’s schedule is jam-packed. Overseeing all aspects of the magazine from editorial to marketing, Alexander says, “My favorite part of my job is that every day is different and there is always something to look forward to that keeps things exciting.” Although his travels take him all over the globe it’s Fashion Week that’s his “absolute favourite time” of the year.

On top of his magazine duties, Alexander also finds the time to maintain a personal style blog — where he documents his latest looks and stylish adventures. His fashion-forward style doesn’t go unnoticed either. Alexander can be often spotted in street style round-ups, appearing in publications including WWD and Entertainment Weekly. While he may pack full-sized beauty products, he certainly knows how to travel in style.

Why are you always travelling? Last trip you took was for?

My work and personal life are quite intertwined, so travel for me is always a mixture of both. The last trip I took was to Turkey with Turkish Airlines. Coincidentally, I’m writing this answer in New York City right now, here for New York Fashion Week.

What’s your carry-on bag?

Current carry-on bag is an orange nylon Nella Bella bag. It has multiple pockets for everything I need and it’s big enough to hold my laptop.

What are the top 3 essentials you put in your carry-on?

Passport, headphones and advil.

Travel & Style’s Pick: M4U 2 Headphones, $399,

Travel accessory you can’t leave home without? 

I always have a leather passport and card holder to hold my essentials.

Travel & Style’s Pick: Coach Bleecker Legacy Passport Holder, $98,

How do you kill time waiting for your flight/during a layover?

Gifts of time are hard to come by, so I always take the time to eat something nutritious and update my blog.

Favourite hotel?

Hudson Hotel in New York. I’ve stayed there many times and they always treat me so well!

Hotel amenity you can’t live without?

A great staff.

Best meal ever. Where and what did you have?

Kamuela Provision Company at the Hilton Waikoloa Village. I actually don’t remember what I ate, but the ambiance was absolutely incredible, right on the ocean and the sun set literally as we were eating our entrees. A beautiful moment!

Current travel reading material?

I’m not much a fan of reading when I travel, so I don’t have an answer for this.

Travel music playlist?

It’s always changing, but latest favorites include Drake, Lorde, Lana Del Rey and Du Tonc.

Favourite travel-friendly beauty product?  

I am terrible and all of my beauty/grooming products are usually full size when I travel, ha!

Travel & Style’s Pick: Aveda Control Force Firm Hold Hair Spray, $27,

Window or aisle?

Window when I want to sleep, aisle when I know I want to be drinking lots of water and getting up to go to the bathroom a lot during the flight.

Tell us what your airplane style is.

Jeans, T-shirt, a light jacket and sneakers — comfortable enough to sit on the plane, but put together enough to dive right into my destination.

Travel & Style’s Pick: Alexander Wang Wool-Blend Motorcycle Jacket, $885, & Zara jeans with detailing, $80,

Most memorable souvenir?

I’m not really big on souvenirs. However, I do like to make thoughtful purchases abroad, picking up things that I can wear or integrate into my everyday life that remind me of a place I traveled to.

Where was your last vacation and who did you travel with?

I went to Hawaii with my family in June.

What was the best thing you did on your last vacation?

Body surf at the beach. It was morning and the waves were perfect!

Dream destination?

Right now, my dream destination is the Maldives.


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