Frequent Flyer: Justine Iaboni of

From a laid-back airplane style to channeling first class in economy, this Toronto-based style blogger shares how she travels in style.


Warning, you may get a serious case of FOMO after perusing Justine Iaboni’s blog The Toronto-based style blogger and writer is hardly new to the blogging scene, launching her blogging career in 2009 with Whatever Eurotrash, her self-proclaimed “diary to the world,” but by late 2013 Justine was ready for a change and re-branded her blog to what we now her know today. A mixture of personal style posts, street style inspiration, plus her personal travels, Justine mixes luxury and street-style effortlessly.

“I run a style blog — most people wouldn’t consider this a job, however, it’s akin to motherhood,” explains Justine. “My blog is my baby and it takes everything I’ve got. It’s a 24/7 job and most of the time the behind-the-scenes work goes unnoticed and unsung.”

When it comes to travel it’s always a mixture of work and pleasure. “I love travelling,” says Justine. “The last trip I took was to Vancouver — it was mostly for pleasure but I always find a way to sneak work in.”

So how does this style blogger manage to travel in style? Read on to find out some of her travel essentials (one of which can be found at the Dollar Store), what she wears on the airplane and how acquiring a memorable souvenir could have ended in disaster.

What’s your carry-on bag?

My carry-on bag is a Louis Vuitton Neverfull in the classic monogram. Like the name says, it is literally never full. It’s the most durable bag I have ever owned — to think those two tiny leather straps can bear the weight of my laptop, hardcover books, my Samsonite pillow and blanket set, 1.5L of Fiji water and toiletries without even flinching is a handbag mystery.

What are the top 3 essentials you put in your carry-on?

Top 3? Yikes that’s hard. Fiji Water, fuzzy socks to change into on the plane and a stack of magazines.

Travel accessory you can’t leave home without?

My Samsonite pillow and blanket set. It’s like being first class in economy.

How do you kill time waiting for your flight?

My iPod on shuffle. Also, writing in my Smythson journal and planning my outfits.

Favourite hotel?

Hotel Costes in Paris. They have the best rose shop on earth.

Hotel amenity you can’t live without?


Best meal on your last trip/ever. Where and what did you have?

One of the most memorable meals was dinner at Umberto a Mare, nestled on the side of a cliff in Ischia. They did an amazing paccheri con pesce spada.

Current travel reading material?

Monocle’s Mediterraneo newspaper.

Travel music playlist?

Buddha Bar compilations and ones that I make uniquely for each trip depending on the destination.

Favourite travel-friendly beauty product?

Rosebud salve. I put that S*** on everything.

Window or aisle?

Window. (I love how middle wasn’t an option.)

Tell us about your airplane style. What pieces would make up your outfit?

Most memorable souvenir?

A sea urchin shell perfectly preserved in memory of the time I was impaled by one in the Amalfi coast after jumping off a rock into the sea. Stupid idea.

Where was your last vacation and who did you travel with?

My last vacation was with my boyfriend, we travelled to Vancouver together.

What was the best thing you did on your last vacation?

Eat lots of sushi.

Dream destination?

Porto Montenegro.