Frequent Flyer: Lucia Graca, Analogue Gallery Owner & Photographer

This jet-setter travels the world in search of the best Rock & Roll photography for her Toronto gallery.


Jet-setting around the globe to hunt down rare and historic Rock & Roll photography from the last 60 years in music is all in a days work for Lucia Graca, owner of Analogue Gallery, who is also a freelance photographer to boot.  Some of the musicians she’s featured in her gallery range from The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin to David Bowie and The Beatles. “I basically get to talk about music all day,” admits Lucia. “I spend a lot of time hunting down rare images from all over the world, so I get to meet incredible photographers who have really exciting stories to tell.”

With all of the airmiles this curator and photographer has logged, it’s no surprise she’s acquired some handy travel tips and tricks along the way. Oh and did we mention her style? With essentials like her Rag & Bone boots and Gooin fedora, we’re seriously coveting her ultra-cool travel style.

How much travelling do you do? Last trip you took was for?

I travel quite a lot for work. Whenever I sign a new photographer, I like to go and meet them in person to go through their archives and hear their stories. Studio visits are one of the best parts of my job.

As a freelance photographer, I also spend a lot of time travelling to shoot bands on tour and big music festivals around the world.

The last trip I took was to Los Angeles. I sat down with photographer, Neal Preston, and went through some never before seen photos of Led Zeppelin for the Analogue Gallery walls.

What’s your carry-on bag?

I have quite a beautiful, black Rudsak carry-on bag. I love that it could pass as just a stylish soft weekender, but it has hidden wheels and a handle. It’s perfect!

What are your top 3 carry-on essentials besides your phone?

1. My own headphones (Sony) — because I like to watch movies on the plane.

2. Heavy duty hand and face moisturizer (Kiehl’s) — because planes are so dry.

3. Huge bottle of water — for the same reason.

4. Can I add my polarized RayBan sunglasses? I’m basically blind without them.

Travel accessory/app you can’t leave home without?

I’m obsessed with the app TripDoc. You can put all your favourite places from all the cities you travel to most and it plots them on a map that you can access without data. It’s great to keep recommendations people give me too. If I write them down, I almost always forget.

When I’m travelling in the States, my Nexus pass is great for skipping the big customs and security lines.

How do you kill time waiting for your flight/during a layover?

I really like to read the local paper of wherever I’m travelling to. It’s nice to know what’s on the minds of the people I’m meeting. If there’s a lounge, I’ll head there for the comfy couches and Wi-Fi.

Favourite hotel?

The Chateau Lake Louise in the wintertime is wonderful. The last time I was there I went skating on the frozen lake late at night as it snowed and it was pretty magical.

I also love the Miami Soho House… an afternoon sipping wine on the beach and their amazing spa is the perfect way to recharge when the Toronto winter is getting you down. The flight is short so it doesn’t take much to convince me on an impromptu getaway there.

Hotel amenity you can’t live without?

The gym. I don’t sleep much and jetlag can make my hours erratic. If I can’t sleep I can just sneak away for a run without waking anyone up. I find exercise really helps with jetlag too.

Hotel with an art collection you wish you could take home?

It would have to be the Sunset Marquis in L.A. because their walls are covered in Rock & Roll photographs by a lot of the photographers I represent at Analogue Gallery.

Most memorable meal. Where and what did you have?

I recently had the most incredible 10 course tasting menu at La Chévre d’Or in Eze, France. It has 2 Michelin stars and sits on a cliff overlooking the Cote d’Azur. Each dish was like a work of art, down to the china it was served on, and we had some of the best French wine I’ve tasted. It was truly decadent.

Current travel reading material/playlist?

The podcast ‘Serial’, the new ‘Lowell’ record, (We Loved her Dearly), and a lot of Jazz because I find it calming in hectic airports.

Favourite travel-friendly beauty product?

I always pick up little product samples when I’m at Kiehl’s, since they’re perfect for short trips away.

Biggest travel pet peeve?

People who listen to their music/video game sounds on their headphones so loud that everyone sitting near them can hear. I’m a very light sleeper.

Tell us what your airplane style is. 

I was taught at an early age that you should dress up to travel. I think it’s probably an old world ideology to think of travel as a big event, but I really like it, especially if I’m heading straight to an event or shoot from the airport… You definitely won’t ever see me in leggings and UGGS! I always fly in heels (my current fave), and probably black skinny jeans with a few layers on top since you never know what the plane temperature will be like. I also never leave home without my big cashmere wrap in black. It’s can be a big blanket on a cold flight and just generally makes me feel comfy in any situation. I almost always wear a hat to travel as well.

Last Vacation — where, with who & best memory?

The last holiday I took was for a wedding in Cuernavaca, Mexico. We stayed in the most beautiful 500-year-old hacienda with stunning gardens and fountains all over the grounds. Travelling for weddings is always so fun because you get to spend time in unique and beautiful places with your closest friends.

Most memorable souvenir?

My fiancé and I collect kitschy coffee mugs from every place we visit together. They make me smile every morning.

Travel & Style’s Pick: Turquoise Record Player Houndstooth Mug, $21.95,

Where are you headed to next and what for?

Winter is for snowboarding, so our next few trips will be to snow destinations. We’re going to Collingwood for Christmas with my family, and Banff in the new year.

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Dream destination?

I’m dying to go to India and Nepal at the moment… When I have the time to travel for pleasure, I try to go to places that are really remote and really culturally different than anything I’m used to.

Photo of Lucia Graca by Joel Yum.