Frequent Flyer: Suzanne Cohon of ASC Public Relations

Suzanne Cohon of ASC Public Relations jets around the world for her clients … and she does it with style! See what she can never travel without.


When you run one of the busiest public relations firms in Toronto, you’re rarely in one spot for very long. That’s why we had to check in with Suzanne Cohon, Principal, ASC Public Relations, Inc., to get some of her best travel tips, secrets, dreams and more. She also happens to be one of the most stylish women we know, so featuring her as our Frequent Flyer was a no-brainer. Read on to see how Suzanne navigates all of her travelling with ease!

You’re one busy woman! Tell us about your job and what you love about it
I have the privilege of working with a phenomenal team and working on accounts that keep me on the pulse of fashion, fine jewellery and, from time to time, tequila!

How does travel factor into your life?
I travel on a regular basis for work and also have a passion for travelling with my family. Mark and I have a 10-year-old daughter and she is always with us. This week I’m off to New York and LA for both business and pleasure. Next month, we’re off to Amsterdam, Tanzania and Zanzibar. Shopping, safari and the surf – we can’t wait!

The ultimate travel question: what is your carry-on bag?
For summer, I have a multi-coloured Pucci tote that carries all of my in-flight essentials.

Next ultimate travel question: what’s INSIDE your carry-on?
One or two books I’m excited to read, my day-timer (I’m old fashioned and map out every day, meeting and trip on paper), my phone and travel-size toiletries. I also have a change of clothes, as the airlines have lost my luggage more than once. Now, if something happens I’m fully prepared and can continue on my trip without a hitch (at least for a short while).

The one travel accessory or app you can’t leave home without?
Decent earphones.

You’re stuck in an airport with a layover; how do you kill the time?
Normally, if my trip includes a layover, it means I’m about to get on a long-haul flight. That’s a lot of time to be sitting down, so I try to walk around the airport as much as I can to get the blood flowing in my legs.

A tough one: favourite hotel?
There is no way I could say just one. Here are my top 3:
1. The D’Angleterre, Copenhagen: It’s elegant, refined and simply stunning.
3. The Four Seasons Bosphorous, Istanbul: To wake up to the sounds of morning prayer is breathtaking and the view along the water is spectacular.
3. The Cipriani, Venice: Venice in itself is magical. The Cipriani has such a unique and intimate atmosphere – you feel like you’re in your own little world. And, let’s face it – the food is exceptional morning, noon and night.

Hotel amenity you can’t live without?
I’m a neat freak, so definitely turn-down service. I love coming home to a fresh room in the evening.

We’re total foodies, so we have to ask: best meal on your travels?
It had to be the tomato and bread soup at Pandomonio in Florence. It was stand-up-and-clap delicious!

Current travel reading material?
1. The Nest – Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeny
2. The Nightingale – Kristin Hannah
3. Purity – Jonathan Franzen

What music is on your iPhone while travelling?
It really depends where we’re going. We were just in Miami for Mark’s 50th birthday, which happened to be the same week as a major DJ festival, so we were completely into David Guetta and Deadmau5. However, the music we listen to when travelling is fairly mellow. Unless I’m at an Equinox or Soul Cycle, then I’ll listen to whatever it will take to get me moving.

Travel beauty product you can’t leave home without?
Pacific Face Oil from True Botanicals – it’s hydrating and smells amazing.

Window or aisle?
Window. I like having a view and a place to lean my head.

What’s your airplane style, in a nutshell?
Jeans (Rag & Bone), tank (Aritzia), cardigan sweater (Line), a big scarf (Louis Vuitton) and Stan Smiths. I’m always hot, then cold, then hot again. I dress in layers to give me options, and sneakers are a must, especially if I have to run to the gate.

Most memorable souvenir?
Photographs of my family – nothing beats it.

Where was your last vacation (and who was lucky enough to go with you)?
The Ranch at Live Oak (Malibu, California) with my dear friend J. Gibson.

Best thing you did on that last vacation?
Enjoyed the outdoors hiking in the Santa Monica foothills.

Dream destination?
I would love to explore Asia. I’ve never been to Hong Kong and I would love to travel to Thailand and experience the northern and southern parts of the country.