Getting Your Best Instagram Shot

From perfect teeth to the most photogenic setting, these are our best tips for perfecting your next travel Instagram picture.

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Pick the right spot

Instagram has made certain travel spots prime for Instagrammers looking for that “perfect, windblown, dress flowing in the wind” image. Those photos are great, but be aware of your surroundings. If it looks like this hot spot is overrun with tourists, and extremely busy, why not opt for a spot around the corner that’s not as focused on? It will make your Instagram shot that much more interesting, unique and let’s face it, less stressful when you don’t have hundreds of people waiting for the exact same picture. 

Get your smile right

It doesn’t matter if you’re at Disney World waiting in a massive line, or at the top of a magical mountain in Switzerland. Feeling confident and happy about yourself shines through in travel selfies. And part of that picture-perfect setting is your strong, healthy smile. The one toothpaste that is forever in our carry-on is Colgate Total. Its travel-friendly mini version is the ideal size, plus it’s a multitasking powerhouse (we love a good multi-use product for travel). The new formulation provides protection against sensitivity, strengthens your enamel, and even whitens your teeth. Gone are the days of taking more than one toothpaste with you – this one truly does more for your mouth. An added bonus is that you’re keeping your smile in check health-wise too while on the road. Your selfies will thank you!  

Use the right gear 

If you’re an Instagram photographer, you’re likely going with a pro camera like a DSLR, but if you’re cool with just your phone camera pictures, you’re still going to get a great shot. Our latest phone camera obsession is the Google Pixel 3a… the quality of the images, especially at dusk or night, is amazing for a phone, plus they have special features like portrait mode to get your image just right. 

Find the light

If you’re not using a professional camera and just your good, old phone camera, picking a spot with good lighting is key. Look for light that’s not too harsh, no direct sunlight and not too many shadows. If you can snag some pictures during the golden hour before sunrise or before sunset, you can bet your pictures will be pretty magical too. 

A little editing doesn’t hurt

We’re not big proponents of over edited photos (we like it to still look like the destination!), but a little brightening, contrasting and enhancing can take your picture from ok to super appealing. One app we love to use on the go is Snapseed; it has custom adjustments to make editing a breeze. Another option is to get the handy Photoshop or Lightroom app as well with settings that you can save for a consistent look and feel.

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