Home Essentials for the Holidays


Who else is counting down to more time with a good book, movie marathons and saying goodbye to the alarm clock? We are too. In honour of the holidays, we’re celebrating having time to relax, refresh and stay in comfy clothes all day guilt-free. For us that also means a hot cup of tea, toasty toes and a super soft throw. Even if you’ve had to survive travelling, at least you know a bubble bath and impromptu nap are not out of the question. Just be sure you pack all of the essentials you need to be cozy at home for the holidays.

1. Soft Moc tan/white rabbit fur moccasin, $100
Hardwood floors or not, slippers are a winter home must. Soft Moc’s fur moccasins are so cozy and warm, you don’t even need to wear socks to keep your feet toasty. In traditional moccasin-style, this pair is made from genuine moose hide and has beading detail on the toe. Another bonus? It’s made in Canada! The tan shade is super versatile, but there are many other colours available including black, grey and blue. Available at Soft Moc stores and online.

2. Voluspa pink citron classic maison candle, $29
Get fragrance and ambiance with a scrumptiously scented candle. One of our favourite collections come from Voluspa. Known for their decorative packaging and luxurious scents, burning one of these while you relax in the bath or read a good book, will instantly put you into chill mode. We suggest pink citron, if you want something that is a little energizing, thanks to the hint of grapefruit. Available at nordstrom.com.

3. Roots beaconsfield sweater coat, $148
On the hunt for a sweater that you can wear over leggings, jeans and jogging pants? Look no further because we’ve found the perfect option. This 100% wool sweater from Roots is not only long enough to wear over tights and pair with boots, but isn’t too overwhelming to wear indoors. We’re also fans of the unique fairisle pattern. Available at Roots stores and online.

4. Kate Spade illustrated top shelf teapot, $70
You could make a single cup of tea or you could brew a few in an adorable teapot. Once we spotted this Kate Spade illustrated teapot, it instantly became a must-have. More unique than a traditionally white version, we can bet you’ll enjoy looking at it as much as you will using it. Available at thebay.com.

5. Zoe Karseen I Heart Cats cotton and model-blend t-shirt, $92
Unless your job is in the creative field, chances are you can’t wear a graphic tee to the office without getting looks of disapproval. Enter couch potato life. Not only are graphic tees great around the house, but paired with a blazer and skinny jeans, they look great wearing out too. We love this quirky and cute tee from Zoe Karseen. Dog lovers need not apply. Available at net-a-porter.com.

6. Joe Fresh lounge pant, $29
We hope your comfy home wardrobe includes a pair of jogging pants. Not to be confused with anything that leaves the house, these lounge pants from Joe Fresh have draw-strings, just in case you need a little room post-holiday snacking. Available at Joe Fresh stores.

7. Hudson’s Bay Company Collection cashmere millennium throw, $595
There are a few items we discover, which are guaranteed to not only be a favourite, but a classic piece you’ll want to pass down to future generations. Although this statement generally refers to bags and jewellery, in this case it’s a blanket — or specifically a cashmere throw from The Bay. Beyond soft, this throw has the classic HBC stripes and will match almost any room in the house. We suspect it will be your new TV-watching must-have. Available at thebay.com.

8. L’Occitane lavender foam bath, $29
What’s a little lounging without a bubble bath every then and again? A great stress reliever, pour a little of this into your next bath and the lavender will instantly calm and relax you after Boxing Day shopping or a packed day with the family. Available at murale.ca.

9. David’s Tea hot toboggan, $7 for 50g
We’re all for holiday desserts (hello, shortbread!), but when you’d rather have something sweet without the calories opt for a flavoured tea. We’re huge fans of David’s Tea and all of the delicious (and healthy) options they have, including a new flavour we love from the holiday collection, hot toboggan. With a caramel apple taste, this green-based tea also has dried apple, cinnamon and almonds. Seconds perhaps? Available at David’s Tea stores and online.