How To Maximize Your Summer Vacation

Every day and hour counts when it comes to summer vacation, so we’ve rounded up our best travel hacks for getting the most out of your vacation days.

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Maximize your carry-on

You never know when a last minute trip could come up! So, I always have my toiletries/carry-on pretty much ready to go. For me, I look for ways to save space on my toiletries, and keep a stash already packed. I take Dailies Total 1 contacts because then I don’t need to worry about contact solution and they’re super hydrating. I also always have these Systane Complete eye drops, because different climates mean dry eyes! Look for travel-sized favourites that are also multi-tasking like the new Colgate Total which whitens and works for sensitive teeth so you don’t need multiple products. I even stash snacks away so I have them on hand (my fave are Kind Bars because they are easy to carry and a perfect boost). It saves time when packing if you have these ready to go, plus saves you space and money by taking a carry-on.

Maximize your time with a tour/package deal

Make it easy on yourself! It can be stressful to plan a lot in a long weekend, but booking package deals with flights/hotels and attractions save you time and money. And you get to book everything in one spot, so you have more time to pack.

Maximize your miles

Using your points, like Aeroplan Miles, is an amazing way to save on summer trips, especially last minute. You can book hotels and car rentals, not just flights (they have over 250,000 hotel options!). Plus you can use the Aeroplan website just like a normal booking site (if you pay via credit card instead of using miles, you’ll earn 4 times more).

Maximize your time

Pre-purchase attractions (like Viator, or CityPass) to save money and time because you can often bypass the long lines. If you’re visiting places like New York, Chicago, etc, you’ll save so much time by already having a ticket.

Maximize the destination

See what’s new in your favourite spots:

Sometimes you end up going to the same places year over year, but that doesn’t mean it has to be the same every time! It’s no secret Canadians love Orlando and AAA just named Orlando as the top summer travel spot in the world. This summer you can get and see more with deals on for great pricing and don’t forget the new “Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge” is opening in August!

Do a stop over city:

We have such short vacation time in Canada, so we need to make the most of it. I say do a stopover city and get two destinations in one! Airlines are offering amazing stopover deals now. Turkish Airlines offers free tours and hotel stays in Istanbul for longer stopovers. SWISS Airlines also offer 1-4 day stopover packages, Iceland Air is also an incredible option. It’s like getting two vacations and spots in one trip!

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