How to Stay Healthy and Not Gain Weight While Travelling

5 ways to nix the extra pounds and stay healthy while on vacation.


Avoid too many cocktails to stay healthy while travelling. Image courtesy of Shutterstock

You work so hard to look amazing in that bikini on your vacation. Weeks go into getting prepped. Or you go on a hardcore diet so you can indulge whenever you want on that road trip through Tuscany. But then you come back and you’ve somehow done more damage than you expected – a few extra pounds, or a major loss in muscle tone. Not fun. But if you follow a few simple tips you can reduce the damage and not gain as much weight on your trip – here’s how to make small healthy choices that make a huge difference while travelling.

1. Walk, Walk, and Walk Some More
Sure walking isn’t the same as a full out workout on the treadmill at the gym, but a day of constant and consistent walking can add up and help burn more calories. So pass on the taxis, the buses and the other transit options and give yourself some extra time to just walk. An added bonus? You’ll get to experience more of the city or destination you’re in and it will help you get your bearings faster.

2. Indulge, Wisely
You’re on vacation after all, so that extra glass of champagne, third cocktail or extra cheesy gnocchi is warranted. But, make sure you are indulging wisely. Don’t go for the biggest and best treats at each and every meal. Pick on indulgence per day to stay on track, but still feel like you’re enjoying specialties. Or, even better, if you’re not travelling solo, share those decadent truffle parmesean fries or crunchy-topped crème brulee.

3. Eat Frequent, Small Meals
Ever been here? You’ve been walking for hours, taking in the sights and exploring and suddenly you’re ravenous. It’s hard to control your cravings and meal sizes when you’re starving – you often end up over eating and eating foods that you likely wouldn’t eat otherwise (a pretzel with mustard and a hot dog? Not exactly your ideal proper meal). Keeping snacks on hand (think about nuts, protein bars, fruit and water) will curb hunger pains and keep you satiated so you make better, healthy choices come mealtime.

4. Drinks Loads of Water
Think about how much water you drink on a regular day while not travelling, then drink more while you’re on vacation. You’ll already be dehydrated from your actual travel days, and different weather conditions, so make sure you drink as much water as you can. It will also help flush you out, reduce bloating, and keep you full (more often than not, when you’re feeling hungry you’re actually in need of some water).

5. Skip the Sugar and Increase Your Protein
Sugar can really hurt your immune system and protein can give it a major energy boost. So while travelling really pay attention to your sugar intake (especially in alcohol) and try to get as much lean, healthy protein that you can. It will not only boost your immune system but will also increase energy, help with jetlag and help maintain your weight.

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