Hotels Versus Vacation Rentals: In Defense of The Hotel

Vacation rentals may make you think you’re travelling like a local, but here are 5 reasons why booking at a hotel is actually good for travel and you.

Vacation rentals or a hotel?
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Don’t get us wrong. Sometimes we love a good AirBnb. If you’re travelling with friends, need extra space or want that prime cottage on a lake, nothing beats vacation rentals. And yes, in many ways, it can also make you feel more like a local when you have to buy food and cook for yourself. But there are still pros to booking a hotel room too, some that you may not have even considered. Here’s why we love a good old hotel stay from time to time. 

Hotels versus Vacation Rentals: It’s a vacation, so why do anything! 

One of the best perks of being at a hotel? You don’t have to do anything! There’s something so luxe and relaxing about knowing that when you come back the bed is made, the bathroom is clean. Sometimes it’s just what you need, to know that you don’t have to cook anything, you don’t have to clean up… you can get a real break from it all. If it’s a short weekend getaway and you don’t have to wash your towels, or pick up after your partner, that sounds like vacay to us. Plus, don’t forget you can gather those hotel reward points, or even use some for your stay cutting down on costs. 

Hotels versus Vacation Rentals: You can still get the “local experience”

There is an argument that it’s actually really hard to travel like a local and to legitimately get that local experience. Unless you’re commuting daily, transferring buses and picking up dry cleaning, you’re still a visitor in a destination. But you know what, that’s totally ok. There is nothing wrong with being a tourist (if you’re a good tourist and follow these basic tips). And even if you stay in a city centre or at a hotel, you can still get “local experiences” by heading to neighbourhoods, taking public transit and spending time just being in one spot. Don’t feel limited to just doing “touristy” things just because you’re at a hotel. It’s all about the choices you make, no matter what your accommodations. 

Hotels versus Vacation Rentals: You’re helping create jobs

Hotels create hundreds, sometimes thousands of jobs, of all levels, in cities and destinations. With a vacation rental you’re lining the pockets of a homeowner (pros and cons to that), at a hotel you’re lining the pockets of hotel owners, but also creating jobs for others. One way to get around the idea of lining a big corporation’s pocket is to book at boutique, small properties that are family run. 

Hotels versus Vacation Rentals: It helps the local travel economy

This is actually true for both vacation rentals and hotels, but one that can often be overlooked at a hotel. A lot of vacation rentals mean you’re in a neighbourhood, you get to test out the local restaurants, cafes and shops. All wins for the local economy. Hotels do the same, but often at a larger scale by offering suggestions to local restaurants and businesses — you just need to ask. Again, if you’re at a smaller, boutique hotel chances are you’ll be getting more unique suggestions too. 

Hotels versus Vacation Rentals: Solo travel safety

If you’re travelling solo safety can always come up as a concern. A hotel can provide a sense of security because more often than not they are in busy areas, have security and secure access to your room. You won’t be fumbling trying to remember which key unlocks the outside door and which opens the inside door outside in the dark. 

Vacation rentals versus Hotel Stays

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