Is This The Most Canadian Airbnb Ever?

A night or two in the Woods Parka Lodge will have you loving winter, embracing all things Canadian, and still stay super cozy.

Trying to love winter is a lot easier at the Woods Parka Lodge. Photo by Justin Harrington.

I’m on a mission this winter to actually like… winter. I’m usually the one high-tailing it out of the city for someplace where palm trees grow naturally and the temperatures are high enough to make you sweat. And if I am stuck somewhere cold, you can bet I’ll be wrapped head-to-toe in a parka to keep that darn windchill out.

Take a peek inside this unique winter yurt!

But this year I’m going to really embrace everything a Canadian winter has to offer. The snow, the chill, the coziness of warm drinks and firepits (you know I still need to be warm sometimes!), the fun of winter sports and feeling like a kid playing on the ice. And I can’t think of a better way to ease into this “I-love-winter” campaign than to stay at probably the most Canadian winter Airbnb escape ever.

The cozy interior of the Woods Parka Lodge.

Tucked into the hills of Haliburton, about 3 hours northeast of Toronto is the Woods Parka Lodge. What’s the connection between the lodge and the iconic Canadian winter brand Woods? The winter yurt/lodge is the first in Canada to be insulated with the same materials that the famous Woods parkas are made out of (which have been around and put through the test for over 100 years, so you know that material is made for Canadian winter cold).

You get to keep your Woods parka when you stay at the lodge! Photo by Justin Harrington.

Inspired by the new Woods Alverstone Expedition Parka, guests at this Airbnb also get their own Woods parkas to use and enjoy (and take home!) during their stay. So when you go outside to roast marshmallows by the firepit, snowshoe through the trails or walk down by the icy Kennisis Lake, you’ll be just as toasty warm as you are inside the yurt.

Get cozy by the fireplace in the lodge.

Inside the yurt is decked out to feel super modern and comfy — thick blankets are on hand, the little kitchen is stocked with goodies for making snacks and a home-cooked meal, the fireplace is going full blast setting off a golden glow, the giant bed is by Endy, there’s a barbeque on the deck for cooking, and an eco-friendly compostable toilet (so you feel better about your environmental footprint in this wilderness oasis). Oh, and a skylight and a telescope so you can stargaze in the comfort of your cozy yurt.

Or stay warm and toasty in the comfy Endy bed.

Let me just say, it was the best way to get into the winter spirit. If you’re with me on embracing winter you can book your stay at the Woods Parka Lodge right on Airbnb.


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