JetBlue is Teaching Passengers Flight Etiquette

In their new #FlightEtiquette campaign, JetBlue wants travellers to share their worst on-flight experiences.


We’ve ALL been there at some point. Travelling with someone who just doesn’t get it. Getting intoxicated (see: Sunwing episode). Pushing to get out of the airplane first. The list goes on. It seems the people at JetBlue feel our pain (and of many other frequent flyers) and want to get a dialogue going to find out just what irks them when they travel.

Launching the first video of their #FlightEtiquette campaign is “How Not To Take A Nap.” Sleeping on a plane, although annoying in itself, can often be essential too — especially if you’re on a long flight or are changing time zones.

“We’re not telling people how to behave, but rather asking how they would react to these certain situations,” Chan Tran, JetBlue Airways Brand Analyst tells Skift. “Every airline tries to glamorize flying, but not many provide a more realistic and truthful perspective of the air travel experience.” Check out their video and let us know what you think!