Luxury Hotel Opens on Easter Island

This new eco-friendly property can be found in the capital of Hanga Roa.

Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa, Easter Island

Off the coast of Chile is the island of Rapa Nui or more commonly known as Easter Island. A magical speck of land in the South Pacific, this island’s claim to fame is not surprisingly the hundreds of Moai statues scattered throughout the landscape. If visiting this majestic place is on your bucket list, there’s a new eco-friendly property to consider staying at. The Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa is found in the capital of Hanga Roa, within walking distance of the town and is also conveniently only a kilometre away from the airport. This 75-room resort boasts two restaurants and a bar, which serves up authentic local cuisine with dishes that rotate on a regular basis depending on what’s in season.

KALOA pasta bistro

You’ll also discover an on-site spa with four cave-like treatments rooms where you can enjoy a range of treatments, many of which are based on natural products found on the island, as well as a unique sand sauna. There’s also an outdoor Kneipp pool that’s similar to a Finnish sauna and two Jacuzzis.

All of the rooms in the resort are made from natural materials like clay and volcanic rock, and are equipped with the latest technologies that help to control the water and electricity consumption.

Where to Find:
Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa
AV. PONT S/N, Hangaroa, Eastern island, Chile
Telephone: (56-2) 957 0300