Mumbai Airport Unveils New Extravagent Terminal

$885 million was spent in renovating the international terminal.


Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport unveiled major renovations to its international terminal last week — one that cost 55 billion rupees ($885 million) to complete. Delayed for nearly two years, the changes are the first for the airport in three decades. As India’s financial capital, the hope for the newly updated airport is to help with economic growth in the country, held back by inadequate infrastructure.


Highlights of the renovations include the 208 check-in counters, 226,000 square feet of shopping and a 3.2 kilometre long wall named “Jaya He” that spans three floors and is decorated with various pieces including traditional Indian doors, sculpture and artwork. Not to mention the airport also features complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi. Other eye-catching details include the 11-acre roof with skylights designed to look like Peacock feathers (the country’s national bird) and 1,000 lotus-shaped chandeliers that hang in the retail and gateway areas.

Terminal 2 officially opens February 15.