My Beauty Essentials I Always Travel With

After a decade of travelling, I’ve narrowed down my beauty necessities to these items when I travel.

Yes, this is exactly what I have in my carry-on when it comes to beauty supplies. These little beauties have gotten me through humid weather in Thailand, icy temps in Germany, and even on safari in Kenya. I can never get on a plane (or embark on a road trip for that matter) without these goodies.

  1. These MUJI bottles help me take any liquid I need. Shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen, and a Bumbleandbumble hair protecting cream all go in these before I jet off.
  2. My skin saver while travelling is Aesop’s Fabulous Face Oil. I use it to moisturize, as a lip balm, and I dab extra under my eyes on long flights.
  3. Hotel washcloths and towels can freak me out a bit (I don’t know what detergent or chemicals they use for cleaning, but I don’t want that harshness on my face). So I travel with my own. I swear by Norwex’s makeup removing clothes that have medical grade silver in them to prevent bacteria. For a cleanser I use bar soap, either my own or what the hotel provides.
  4. I don’t wear much in the way of foundation or concealer, so I keep it simple with a mini version of my fave NARS foundation.
  5. But I do swear by blush. Gotta have it and my current fave is Glossier’s Cloud Paint. The little tubes are small but pack a punch of colour.
  6. I’m also a fan of brows being full and looking done, so I always have a brow mascara with me, like Glossier’s Boy Brow.
  7. Sephora is the mecca for picking up minis of your fave beauty products, and I always stock up on mini Benefit mascaras before I check out. The minis save so much space!
  8. A solid liquid eyeliner takes a daytime look to night for me.
  9. To keep things simple and easy, I stick to my Maybelline Master Bronze palette to add some extra colour, and to use on my eyelids as a shadow.
  10. Maybelline’s SuperStay Matte Ink also makes the cut because it lasts through ANYTHING. No matter how many glasses of wine I have, salads I eat or how hot and sweaty I get, the colour doesn’t budge or fade.
  11. My final skin care item are these super compact sheet face masks by MUJI. And I have no shame on putting them on during a super long flight!
  12. I take my own shampoo and conditioner (or use the hotel brand if it’s a good one), but I love this mini travel kit from Ouai hair care -- all my styling essentials from a finishing cream to wave spray/oil and a dry shampoo mousse.
  13. A few blonde bobby pins give me so many hairstyle options, buns, topknots, braids, etc.
  14. These have changed my hair… they don’t get tangled and don’t break my sensitive strands.
  15. I can’t travel without dry shampoo! Marc Anthony’s mini version of their Clear Dry Shampoo is perfect because it has zero powdery residue, but all the volume.