NEW Travel Trends For 2020

Put aside your travel trends and checklist from early 2020. The rest of 2020 offers something a bit different, but equally exciting with new travel trends.

The new travel trends for 2020: what you can do right now
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They may look different than what was predicted in January, but there are new travel trends you can pull off. From travelling “small” to stargazing, to living/work from abroad deals to road trips and more. 

New Travel Trends: Small travel

Forget that big bucket checklist, the small travel trend can give you all the wanderlust minus the plane ride. And it happens to be one of the biggest new travel trends. That can mean visiting a town two hours outside your home city, or even hitting up neighbourhoods in an urban setting.

New Travel Trends: Staycations

If you’re someone who has vacation days to use, or had money set aside for a bigger trip, you can use up those days for a quick staycation in your own city as one of the new travels trends. It gives you a chance to feel like you are getting away. A chance to explore a part of your city or hometown you may not have experienced. It can really open you up to all the great things you have in your own backyard. 

New Travel Trends: Live/work from abroad

There are some destinations that are enticing people to not only visit, but stay for 6 months to a year. If you have a job that allows you to work from home, perhaps working on a tropical island with a beach as your backyard would be a great option? Bermuda and Barbados are both offering work abroad programs for Canadians. The only issues: You want to make sure you’d be covered if there is an outbreak. And you are responsible for finding your own place to live. 

New Travel Trends: Canadian travel

The best way to support local communities, Canadian business and airlines is to explore our own country. And one of the best things about Canada is it has absolutely everything you could want when planning a vacation. There’s so much to discover and explore within our own backyard. Remember to keep in mind any quarantine restrictions some provinces may have! 

New Travel Trends: Road trips

A recent study by shows that 94% of North Americans say they feel less stressed and happier after a road trip. And RV sales and rentals have exploded this year, proving that more people still want to get out and explore. 

New Travel Trends: Stargazing

Less traffic, less air pollution = prime stargazing opportunities are happening right now across Canada. Whether you’re booking a remote camping spot, or getting outside the city lights, there are opportunities to witness stargazing.  Getting out of a city light bubble by a couple of hours will give you chances to see the stars. September and October are set to give us great views of the Milky Way. Plus Mars, Venus and Jupiter are also visible (you’ll want a telescope for that!).

The new travel trends for 2020: Where you can go right now

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