No-Chip Nail Polish

cnd-shellac-collection_optThere is nothing worse than getting a nice manicure in preparation for a two-week vacation only to get a chip on your nails three days in. Of course you could always bring along a bottle of polish for touch-ups or some remover to start from stratch. But really, who wants to be doing their nails when they’re on vacation? We personally have had polish accidents and it’s not fun to deal with that in your beauty bag.

Thankfully we’ve discovered Shellac, a hybrid nail colour created by CND. Essentially it’s nail polish and the process isn’t unlike your typical manicure — base coat, colour, and top coat — no drills, buffing or filing. The main difference is that between coats you have to let the polish dry under a UV lamp for about 2 minutes, but once your last coat dries, that’s it’s. Totally dry.

The Shellac currently comes in 12 different shades — from light pink to red — but we hear they will likely roll out more colours in the near future and you can also layer colours to get a different effect. The best part about this polish is that it doesn’t chip. It boasts a 14-day wear, so chances are you’ll tire of the colour before you’ve removed it. When it does come to taking it off, you will have to return to the salon and get it removed with an acetone remover wrap. It takes only about 10 minutes and your nails are completely fine after.

Cost-wise it averages about 50-100% more than a traditional manicure, but considering how long it lasts, totally worth it. To find out what salons near you offer this service visit and don’t ever have a chipped nail on vacation again!