What to Pack For a Ski Vacation

Brave the slopes and fireside with these ski vacation packing essentials.


Ski vacations can be some of the hardest to pack for. You need to have loads of light layers, but also want to cozy up next to the fire in a chunky cable knit sweater and stylish sweats – not to mention your beauty must-haves. Here’s what you need to pack, aside from your actual slope gear – the essentials to the perfect, stylish ski vacation.

1. Think Layers
When hitting the slopes you’ll need to think about layers – not thick, wooly pieces – thin, breathable items that can be layered for easy removal and will help keep your body the perfect temperature. Look for materials like nylon, polyester and Thinsulate.

2. Don’t Forget the Thicker Pieces Though
Save your thick, cable knit sweaters for après-ski next to the fireplace with a hot toddy or hot cocoa. Pair them with comfy denim, thick leggings and a cozy scarf.

3. Don’t Skimp on the Sunscreen
The sun on the mountain is much stronger than below, especially with the snow reflecting the rays. The last thing you’ll want is a rough sun or windburn, or even worse a goggle tan. Keep skin protected with a high dose of SPF and reapply. Don’t forget to apply some to your lips or use a heavy lip balm with SPF.

4. Boots
Aside from your ski boots that you are bringing (or renting), a comfortable pair of winter boots that are warm and waterproof will keep your feet cozy and will be perfect for walking around small towns. Stylish pairs by Sorel or Canadian made Pajar are not only super durable, but also on trend so you don’t have to compromise on style.

5. Two Pairs of Sunglasses
Keep one pair that is durable and really helps cover your eyes (both in shape and in terms of UVA/UVB protection) – especially if you’re not a huge fan of goggles. But even when you’re not on the actual hills, and just lounging or strolling around the lodge, the sun can be blinding. Keep another pair of sunglasses on hand for a more put together look (this is where you can bring out your Tom Fords or Chanels).

6. Extra Socks/Hand and Foot Warmers
It colder temperatures it’s essential to keep your extremities warm – make sure you have proper ski gloves that are thick, waterproof and can help keep your fingers toasty. Packing some extra warm socks for not only on the ski hill, but for after as well as mini hand and foot warmers is also a good idea to help beat the chill.

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