Packing Essentials: The Puffer Jacket

The ultimate layer piece, puffer jackets roll or fold up into mini sizes for easy packing, and are warmth masters.

Say hello to one of our all-time favourite packing essentials! The puffer jacket. It’s so versatile, easy to pack (and you know we’re big fans of double-duty, carry-on only items) and truly the ultimate layering piece for destinations that are cold, or even just chilly at night. Puffer jackets used to be pretty basic and plain, but today they’re funky, come in so many hues, lengths and styles that there are endless options to choose from. We’ve rounded up a few of our current faves that we can’t wait to pack and unpack for our next trip.

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Currently obsessing over the mossy, kale green hue of this puffer from Madewell. But the real winning point with this one? It rolls up into a travel neck pillow. Wait, what? Yes! 

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jcrew puffer jacket packing essentials

If a colder climate is part of your travel plans this year, we’re thinking this jacket needs to be a part of your packing essentials. Knee-length, but still easily packable, this puffer jacket will be your go-to for walking through Stockholm or taking in the views on the Faroe Islands. 

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Take a traditional puffer jacket, but make it fashion (that makes it part of our packing essentials!). That sums up this non-quilted version from Aritzia that we’re planning for a trip to NYC

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patagonia puffer jacket

Hands down, one of the best travel purchases we ever made was picking up a Patagonia puffer while in Alberta. Classic, compact and undeniably warm. It’s everything you need. 

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packing essentials: uniqlo jacket

Another one of our faves that is also super affordable is this classic puffer option from UNIQLO. And it comes in a plethora of colours from neutrals to poppy. 

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