Redefining Comfort Class with Turkish Airlines

Forget first class. When a comfort class like this is so good, you’ll never go back.

Comfort Class in Turkish Airlines

Comfort Class in Turkish Airlines. All images courtesy of Turkish Airlines.

One thing I love about flying is testing out the different classes. Some airlines have amazing economy class, where you feel so comfortable and relaxed (Emirates is one of the best), some have insane first class levels with individual pods, and some have the perfect in between (because let’s face it, most won’t be travelling first class on every single trip).  And thankfully these days, airlines are rethinking their class level these days (Air Transat’s new Club Class has made the discount airline a much more comfortable way to get to Europe). But one of the best ones out there has to be Turkish Airlines, who has the perfect balance between economy and first class.


Some of the delicious offerings on Turkish Airlines in Comfort Class.

On a recent trip to Istanbul, I had the chance to spend the 9-hour flight in their ultra cozy Comfort Class (voted better than some business class on other airlines). From the frosty welcome drink you get (champagne is always a lovely touch) to the over-sized, plush seats with a 46-inch pitch and 8.8-inch recline, to your own personal pull-out TV, I was already tucking in under a blanket and getting my Turkish Airlines slippers on, ready for a relaxing flight when I found out that Comfort Class also comes with an extensive menu just like in business class (with so many options of Turkish and International dishes, it was a touch choice). Then the kicker – I had WiFi on the whole flight. So my napping time decreased, but I got to do some work cozied up in a big reclining chair – and who doesn’t want that?