The Best Cocktails in Copenhagen

The nightlife in Copenhagen is so vibrant that you’ll want to do as the locals do and start the party early, and keep going throughout the night. The city is known for its bars, clubs and plethora of nightlife activities. But nothing beats a chic cocktail après dinner, or in between club hoping. Copenhagen is so well known for their impeccable and down-right delicious cocktails, they even have one named after the Danish city (just as New York has the Manhattan and Singapore has the Sling). Let us guide you to some of the best (and most creative) cocktails you’ll find.

Courtesy of Nimb Bar

Courtesy of Nimb Bar

Bar 1105
Considering this bar’s creative cocktail maker, Gromit, created the winning Copenhagen Cocktail (Bols Genever, Cherry liqueur, lime juice, sugar syrup and bitters), it’s the best place to start exploring the Danish way of cocktails. It’s where the socialites, trendsetters and Copenhagen’s fashion elite trot to for a chic cocktail or two after shows. Bar 1105 opened it’s doors in 2008 and is credited with bringing back the classic cocktail to Copenhagen, and the slick, posh setting means you won’t be sipping with a super young crowd.
Must-try: The Copenhagen, of course!

Tucked away in an old apartment, Ruby offers up a slightly more casual approach to the sophisticated cocktail. It is in fact in a multi-level apartment, that you could easily bypass if it weren’t for the incredibly long line outside the door (you won’t find a sign here, just look for the people). With high ceilings and dark, worn wooden floors, and apartment furnishing (comfy leather sofas and plush, deep set chairs around a fireplace) this is the scene for the uber-hip in Copenhagen. And the drinks (which may take 5 minutes or more just to prepare, but trust us, it is worth it) aren’t too shabby either. After a sip of our cocktail, we deemed it to the best we’ve ever had.
Must-try: The Primavera (a mix of grapefruit juice, Campri, and a splash of champers).

Nimb Bar
Located in the swanky Nimb Hotel, this sophisticated bar let’s you sip bevies fireside, and in the heart of Tivoli (Copenhagen’s treasured, historic central park). If you have the chance to stay in one of the boutique hotel’s 13 rooms, jump at it – you won’t find a better location. And if you’re looking for something other than a classic long or short cocktail, the impressive champagne list should catch your eye.
Must-try: Hendrick’s Cucumber Sour (slices of coo cukes, and puckering sours make this a refreshing drink).

Boutique Lize
For a more affordable option, head down to the up-and-coming trendy part of town known as Vesterbro (aka Copenhagen’s Meatpacking District). There you’ll find Boutique Lize, a cocktail bar that boasts to have some of the most affordable and tastiest cocktails in the city (don’t be fooled by the graffiti on the entrance walls, inside you’ll find loads of locals sipping on classic drinks).
Must-try: The Tokyo Iced Tea (a twist on the classic Long Island Iced Tea).
6, Enghave Plads, +45 33 31 15 60 (no website)