The Best Hotel Toiletries

Luxurious beauty brands you’ll find in your hotel bathroom.

Luxurious hotel toiletries from Bulgari.

Luxurious hotel toiletries from Bulgari.

You know that moment when you’re ready to hop into the hotel shower and you reach for the hotel shampoo? Isn’t it a sigh of relief when you see that it’s one of your favourite brands? Knowing that hotel toiletries are going to treat your hair and body as nicely (or almost as nicely) as your beauty products at home is always a treat. Especially these days when we try our best to always travel with just carry on (we need to be ruthless with our beauty product selection), we’re looking for toiletries that nourish and soothe, rather than leaving us pulling out our hair (true story, it has happened!).

Here are a few toiletry brands we’re definitely sneaking into our luggage when we check out.

Salvatore Ferragamo

We’ll be honest … pretty much anything an Italian designer conjures up we’re likely to love. And this slick designer’s toiletries are just as smooth as his covetable clothes. The Tuscan Soul collection has swirls of floral and citrus scents (the body lotion’s scent lasts all day so you can even skip the perfume) and the shampoo and conditioner leave hair super soft.

Where we’ve used them: The Waldorf Astoria in Rome, Italy.


Hands down our favourite hand cream and body lotion, we adore this French brand. A travel-sized version of the shea butter hand cream is not one of those beauty items we skimp on when travelling. The toiletries found in the Four Seasons chain are vibrant, refreshing and citrusy – not to mention ultra soothing.

Where we’ve used them: Casa Angelina in Praiano, Italy.


There’s something about Italian designers and hotel toiletries … the mini products at the Ritz-Carlton and Bulgari Hotels don’t compromise on quality, so you feel like you’re getting a lush Bulgari experience. Not to be missed is the creamy body lotion that is super soothing and has that great signature Bulgari scent.

Where we’ve used them: The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto

Molton Brown

The luxe Brit brand dub themselves as unmistakably English and inspired by travel. Two things we love. Check and check. They have a variety of hotel collections depending on the hotel’s location, theme and season, but our very favourite products to use are the Blissful Templetree Moisture Bath & Shower and Body Lotion. Scented with frangipani, no matter where you are in the world,you’ll feel like you’ve been whisked away to a tropical island.

Where we’ve used them: Mandarin Oriental, Munich, Germany


REN products are some of our faves when it comes to skin care and anti aging. It’s free from synthetic fragrance, mineral oil, petrolatum, sulfate detergents, synthetic colours, animal ingredients and parabens, making it ideal for sensitive skin, or skin that is slightly irritated from travelling. Not to mention the rich shampoo and conditioners leave our hair feeling silky and tangle-free.

Where we’ve used: Carlisle Bay, Antigua

Laboratoire Remède

Known for it’s amazing anti aging properties, if you’re lucky enough to be at a hotel with this brand you could even leave your anti aging body lotion at home. Our top pick? Don’t skip a bath with the ultra-calming bath gel.

Where we’ve used: St. Regis, San Francisco

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