The Best Nail Salons in Toronto

Where to go in the city to freshen up your digits.

The Ten Spot on Queen St. West.

The Ten Spot on Queen St. West.

2. The 10 Spot
A cross between a spa and a lounge, The 10 Spot prides itself on being an “anti-spa,” so don’t expect any dim lighting or birds chirping through the sound system. Instead you’ll find a social environment, perfect if you’re bringing along a friend (or two). You’ll also find free Wi-Fi, flat screen TV’s throughout and cheeky spa signage adorning the walls. When it comes to the mani and pedis, they offer your standard, plus gel and most recently have included the funky Microbed Manicure ($50 for a full set). Open early until late (8 or 9 p.m.) seven days a week, it’s super easy to find a time to squeeze in your appointment.

Price: Manicure ($30), Pedicure ($50), Shellac or Axxium Manicure ($50)

Where to Find: The Ten Spot has nine locations across Toronto. Visit to find locations or call 416-613-0254.

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