The Best Restaurants in Scottsdale, Arizona

We spent a weekend scouring Scottsdale, Arizona for the best eats in town.

Who could say no to this brisket? Image courtesy of Bootleggers.

Who could say no to this brisket? Image courtesy of Bootleggers.


Calling all meat lovers … Bootleggers in Old Town Scottsdale is where you’ll get your BBQ fix and then some. You can smell the delicious smokehouse vibe from outside the building – and it’s just the beginning of the mouth-watering items you’ll find inside. Aside from the huge selection of craft beers you’ll find an Arizona-inspired list of cocktails (the Lonestar Mule with ginger beer, lime and vodka is a good place to start, or the Don’t Be a Prick-Ly Pear using the local prickly pear fruit) and even rustic moonshine cocktails.

What You Need to Get: Once you have cocktail or beer in hand, you’re ready to dive into the Bacon Board … just what you think, loads of cured bacon with sourdough bread, sweet and savory jams, mustards and gherkins. The Kitchen Sink Guacamole (chunky avocado, charred nopales, pomegranate seeds, toasted pepitas and chicharones) will get your veggie quota in before moving on to the Niman Ranch Beef Brisket, St. Louis Ribs or the Smoked Turkey Breast (all served with cole slaw and tortillas). You can throw in some sides (smashed red goat cheese potatoes, smoked sweet corn, and cauliflower puree all pair perfectly with the smoky meats). And if you can manage to squeeze it in, the seasonal fruit cobbler is bursting with fresh fruits and a crumbly topping that will remind you of grandma’s.

Where to Find:
7217 E 1st Street, Scottsdale

Jennifer Weatherhead Harrington