The Best Travel Apps

These handy apps make every travel adventure you take super easy.

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The secret to helping you find that best flight price without having to continuously check and check and check to see if it’s dropped? Hopper. Just put in your destination, preferred dates and set up your alerts to get notified when prices go up and down (and the likelihood of further changes).


The handiest way to keep all your reservations and itineraries in one spot. TripIt pulls your reservations in from your assigned emails, and gives you notifications to any changes (like flight departure times or gate changes) and friendly reminders.

Hotel Tonight

When you’re looking for last minute hotel deals, head over to your Hotel Tonight app for the easiest way to book a room at a great rate just hours away.


If you’re like us, you love getting around a city on public transport because you really get a feel for the neighbourhoods. Plus you get to see so much more of the city. Navigating all the options when it comes to buses, cycling, walking and other forms of transportation are made easier with the Citymapper app, that keeps it all in one spot for you and suggests the best routes.


PackPoint takes the guesswork out of the “what to pack” conundrum by looking at your destination, weather forecasts and then generating a nice little packing list for you.

Google Trips

Super convenient to have on your phone, Google Trips can also manage all your reservations in one spot for you, but the big selling point of this app for us is the fact it makes day trip suggestions for you so you’re never short on ideas of what to see and do in your destination.


Know what your exchange rate is in an instant with the XE app. No chance of you being surprised when you get home and see your credit card bill.


Travelling with friends or a group? Money divisions can be tricky and often miscalculated when done on your own, but this app splits bills, currencies and funds all in one spot, so there’s never a question of who owes what come the end of the trip.

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