The Perfect Weekend Stay at The Duniway

Portland is known for its hip, eccentric vibe, but in the midst of all that is the legitimately cool Duniway Hotel.

Pique your curiosity at the Duniway Hotel in Portland. Photo by Will Pryce.

For anyone who hasn’t been to Portland, it may seem like a bit of a mystery. Everyone notes how eclectic the city is… how it has a true sense of self that is unlike any other major city in the United States. It’s quirky, it’s odd, it’s funny and a bit weird, but the pride the city has in all of that gives it an unbeatable charm.

In the heart of all that weirdness is a gem of a hotel in the downtown area. The Duniway Hotel is a blend of all the quirks and quips that Portlad has, but still stays very, very cool. It has a NYC boutique hotel feel, but with more uncontrived character. It never veers on the side of too odd, and never on the side of something that’s not unique.

A king room at the Duniway Hotel.

The Facts

The Duniway has a unique history behind it, which also happens to be so timely right now, given the North American feminist movement, proving that not only has Portland, but the Duniway has been ahead of its time. The hotel is named after Portland’s famous Abigail Duniway. She could be deemed a feminist of her time… she was a newspaper reporter who pushed the boundaries and fought for the right for women to vote. The hotel embraces her groundbreaking ways as stated on their website, “through her fierce determination, she courageously led the movement for women’s right to vote. She transcended all norms by owning her own newspaper and created something new, something not yet imagined.” The fact that the Duniway is run and operated by the Hilton group of properties, may not seem like a total fit, but it actually works. The hotel maintains its uniqueness under the Hilton umbrella. The 327 rooms are spacious and hit all the standards you’d expect from a Hilton, the higher floors come with some pretty great city views, and are non-smoking, but at every corner and turn you’ll find something unique and intriguing.

Jackrabbit restaurant in the main lobby of the Duniway Hotel. Photo by Will Pryce.

The Vibe

You never would have guessed that The Duniway is part of the Hilton Hotel group. There is nothing about it that screams corporate, or hotel chain. As the hotel management says, “the vibe of the Duniway is uniquely different from the rest, it’s luxurious but extremely comfortable and inviting, with a pulse of creative energy.” It feels and is unique around every corner and maintains a sense of self. From the art that lines the hallway walls, the main lobby and even each room to the hidden rabbits all over the hotel’s main floor (in honor of it’s on-site restaurant Jackrabbit). “We wanted to push the boundaries with our collection and celebrate all that is unique, beautiful, gritty and quirky about Portland and the people that call it home,” explains Stephen Cassell, Marketing Manager for the hotel. “We specifically wanted to create a curated experience with the creative class in mind and provide our guests with a unique, bold and thought provoking experience. The artwork features different women, with distinctively authentic looks. The women all have tattoos, which plays well into our brand.  The pieces are not meant to mean the same thing to everyone, but I like to think there is a little bit of a modern Abigail Scott Duniway coming through, a modern day feminist if you will.”

Luxe bathrooms show off the hotel’s uniqueness and attention to detail. Photo by Will Pryce.

But aside from that, the rooms come with Waldorf Astoria Serenity beds featuring 500 thread-count linens (not a bad thing to bring over from the Hilton side), and have unique touches like closets lined with intricate wallpaper (a visual treat when you’re used to opening a hotel closet door to find a beige, uninspiring wall holding your iron). Bathrooms come with seriously good hair dryers and luxe toiletries. Knicks and knacks on tables to spark curiosity, while books from Powell Books (Portland’s renowned book store) on the shelves will have you poking around all the corners of your room instead of just throwing yourself on the bed.

It’s a hotel you’ll not only love to sleep in, but you’ll have fun and have your curiosity piqued while there.

Photo by Will Pryce.

The Experience

Part of the appeal of the Duniway is the experience not just in the hotel walls but what they offer outside as well. From their Stay. Shop. Ship. program. Oregon has not state tax on clothing! So that means you can shop til you drop and not have to worry about stuffing it all in your suitcase for the trip home. The hotel will gladly ship your purchases back for you.  The package includes 10% off the best available rate, and is available from October 1st  until January 31st 2019. “The majority of travelers these days are using carry-on bags more and more to avoid paying additional fees to check bags on flights, myself included!” says Cassell. “I thought how does this help stimulate retail in your destination city when you have no room in your little suitcase, but you desperately want that new sweater, wine or gift for someone special? The result was I came up with this package, which allows are guests to shop in tax free Portland, patronize our local retail partners and we pack it up and ship it to your home, tax free and included in your rate!” If that isn’t enough to get you out shopping, the hotel also offers intimate and exclusive trips to wine country (book a day trip to play in the vineyards at Stoller Winery, learn about how the wines are made, take some epic Instagram photos and then eat a delicious lunch). By the time you get back you’ll be ready for a nap in that luxe bed, or a strong espresso at the lobby bar.

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