Things to Do in Turks & Caicos


The Infiniti Bar at Grace Bay Club

If you can muster up enough energy to get off your lounge chair and put down your Vogue, assuming you’ve already enjoyed the amenities your hotel has to offer, there are a handful of other activities we would suggest checking out while on the island.

Infiniti Bar at Grace Bay Club

What we loved about the restaurant and bar here were that they’re ocean-side. Not many of the restaurants have seating on or near the beach, so it makes this spot extra-special. Currently the longest bar in the Caribbean at 90 feet long, and the first infinity-edge bar in the world, makes the Infitini Bar at Grace Bay Club a point of interest in Turks. The bar itself stretches right to the ocean, allowing guests to dine under umbrellas while the waves splash nearby. On the night we visited things were pretty low-key, but busy with guests casually sipping fancy cocktails and wine both at the bar and around the restaurant. Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays is when live entertainment is offered, with things not really getting started until 11p.m. Don’t go in with high partying expectations, as it totally depends on the night. But what you can expect is a great cocktail and good people watching.


Turks & Caicos is known for its stunning beaches and waters, but just beyond the beach lies an extensive coral reef system (one of the longest in the world at 65 miles across and 200 miles wide). The pristine condition of the reefs along with the visibility and length make these some of the best and most coveted snorkeling spots in the world. Not only is the water warm and clear, but you might just get to see schools of colourful fish, stunning coral, conch shells, pieces of shipwrecks, and, if you’re lucky, maybe even a dolphin or two. Most hotels can make arrangements for a day long snorkeling trip, complete with a picnic lunch.

Iguana Island

Getting out on the water is a must when you’re in Turks. If you’re not an action water-sport kind of traveller, that’s totally OK. A more tame option is a trip to Iguana Island, officially known as Little Water Cay. It’s a great place to see the endangered rock iguana in its natural environment, with literally handfuls of them running around. Our trip to the island was mid-point during an ocean kayak (which we would definitely recommend), and was a well-needed break from paddling. The island itself is small and takes very little time to walk-through, but is a cute place to check out especially if you’re already on the ocean.

The Conch Shack

Turks & Caicos, one thing you must try while there is a little bit of local flavour. And chances are if you ask anyone where to go to get some local food, they will send you to the Da Conch Shack. The words might not sum up a tasty treat to you yet, but once you set foot in this colourful open-air “shack” resto right on the beach and you see plates of fried conch you’ll see why it’s such a delicacy. Conch is harvested about 200 feet from the beach, and is shelled and freshly fried in so many ways you’ll be amazed. It’s tender, juicy and just plain yummy, but you can also eat the delish grouper, snapper, lobster and shrimp. For the brave at heart, you can see the conch get harvested, shelled and cut before eating … but be forewarned, while interesting it is not the most pleasant sight!