Travel Alone Safely with the Kitestring App

A free app that let’s you send a simple text to indicate you’re safe and sound.

Image courtesy Shutterstock.

Image courtesy Shutterstock.

What’s great about travelling is some of the best adventures are those done solo. For us women, as much as there is freedom in that, safety is still really important, not just for ourselves during the trip, but our loved ones back home. Solution? Kitestring. A new safety app created by Stephen Boyer, a young MIT-grab who developed it after his girlfriend who lived in a dangerous neighbourhood in San Francisco would ask him to call her to check-in and saw an opportunity to create a technology with that service in mind.

Kitestring is different than other safety apps on the market, in that it’s free to use and doesn’t use GPS to track users. Using it is very simple. You tell the service where you are going — whether you plan to be out all night at a party or taking an early morning jog. Later the service “checks-in” on you via a simple text, to confirm you’re OK. If for whatever reason you don’t check-in, a customizable message will be sent to your emergency contacts.

We love how simple and easy to use this service is, not to mention free! Definitely something we plan on using next time we venture out alone. We’re not the only one who’s a fan either. Emmy Rossum recently tweeted “A new safety app for women walking home alone I read @harpersbazaarus. I’m making me and all my girlfriends download this @kitestringapp.”

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