Postcard Travel Apps to Try

What your Postagram will look like.

What your Postagram will look like.

We’re all about finding new and exciting ways to make travelling easier, more economical and let’s be honest, stylish — but sometimes it’s just about making it fun! We suggest trying a free postcard appon your next vacation. One postcard app we’re fans of is Postagram. This travel app allows you to create and send a postcard directly from your phone using whatever picture you want. Just took a picture in front of the Eiffel Tower — done! The photo is a high-quality image (300dpi) and you can completely customize your message. Plus it’s works on both the iPhone and Android. The price per postcard is only $0.99 and you can send it from anywhere in the world. Pretty cool, right? 

Another free postcard app worth considering is Postino. Similar to Postagram, you just have to upload a picture from your phone (both iPhone and Android compatible) and then customize your message. Unlike Postagram, you can scribble your signature with your finger, as well as add your GPS location. A high-quality postcard is then created and you can send and family from wherever you are in the world. To send simply an eCard that’s free, but if you want to send a physical postcard you need to purchase stamps, which are $1.99 (from a worldwide destination) or you can save a bit of money and buy stamps in bulk.

We love this personalized way of keeping in touch with your friends and family while travelling. Now they can be jealous of your trip before you even return home.

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