Travel Beauty: How to Make Your Lipstick Last and Last

Forget reapplying. We get the low-down on how to really make your lipstick long lasting.

Make that lip colour last all day! Photo courtesy of Stila.

Make that lip colour last all day! Photo courtesy of Stila.

When it comes to our beauty routine when travelling, we always need to have a good lip to get us through evenings out, business meetings or fancy soirees. But the last thing we want to do is travel with loads of lip products to help make that statement lip last throughout the night. Because who really wants to have to keep reapply your lip colour while taking in the sights of a new place? We turned to Lyndsay Craig, makeup pro from Stila, for her best long-lasting lipstick tips that work no matter where you are in the world.

The Secrets to Long-Lasting Lipstick

“There are several tips and tricks to make lipstick last all day!” says Craig.  Here’s her go-to routine to get the perfect lip.

1. “Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Use a lip scrub to remove dead skin cells on lips, therefore lipstick will adhere and can be applied easily to a smooth surface.”

2. “Apply a lip primer! Hydrated lips create the perfect base. Stila’s ‘Lush Lips Water Plumping Primer’ is a great lip enhancing plumper that not only is a treatment and primer, but keeps your pout looking and feeling full and plump. It leaves a conditioning shield, which seals in moisture and delivers volumizing effects.”

3. “After a long-wear lip product has been applied, place a tissue over the lips and apply setting powder onto the tissue – this technique will set the lips without changing the shade of the colour.”

4. “Touch-up, refresh a long lasting lip colour by applying a cream or gloss to just the pout through-out the day.”

The Formula is Key

“Stila’s Stay all day liquid lipstick is the best when it comes to guaranteeing long lasting colour,” says Craig. “It features a creamy-matte, full-coverage lip colour that delivers intense moisture with bold, long-lasting pigment that stays In place for up to 6 hours of continuous wear.  What is also unique, the formula will not bleed or transfer and is enriched with Vitamin E and avocado oil.”

Tools You Need

“Using a lip brush will provide precise application and accurate placement of lipstick,” advises Craig. “Because long-lasting lip colour is so pigmented, precise application is important, especially when lining the lips.” Make sure you practice so you have a steady hand for a clean, smudge-free line!

The High Pigment Factor

“High pigmentation means that the colour is usually opaque and has full, rich coverage – meaning you would not be able to see the lip’s natural colour through the lipstick.”

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