Travel Essential: The Wordy, Graphic T-Shirt

Say what? The basic tee gets a wordy up grade. Here are 9 of our current favourites that are our new travel essential.

beach-tshirt-madewellBeach, anyone? If you can't get there in person, at least wearing this tee should recreate the feeling.

Beach shirttail tee in stripe, $45.50,


Pair this simple t-shirt with cut-ff denim shorts, or slick black pencil pants and a blazer.

La Notte Marcello t-shirt, $35,


 This loose-fitting tee is super casual, but perfect for strolling the streets in Athens, Rome or a tiny town on a Caribbean island.

Printed t-shirt, $35.90,


 Keep things simple with a light grey graphic t-shirt.

Beau Fleur slogan tee, £15.00,

bien-fait-tshirt-madewellThe graphic, wordy t-shirt that started it all for us. Put a French phrase on anything and we're sold.

Bien Fait Surf tee, $78,


Love, hearts and stripes. What's not to love? Dress this tee up with a black blazer, or tucked into a slim pencil skirt.

Chinti and Parker Love striped organic cotton t-shirt, $100,



 Wear this at the beach post-surf lesson. Or at least pretend you did a surf lesson.

Sol Angeles apres surf t-shirt, $58.75,


The word on this t-shirt basically sums it up. We adore this light-weight number for easy travelling and packing, and for summer.

Linen tee in amazing, $49.50,



The inspirational reminder on this sweet pale pink tee is what totally caught our eye.

Distressed t-shirt, $19.95,