Travel Hydration Secrets

The key to beating jet lag, illness, dull skin and so much more while travelling is hydration.

Keeping yourself hydrated while travelling can sometimes feel like an impossible task. Airplanes, dry air, pollution, so many drinks (that aren’t water), different time zones… your body can feel out of whack and all it’s craving is hydration. There are so many ways hydration can help you have the best trip… from getting you a better sleep, to beating jet lag, to preventing sickness, it truly is my secret to staying healthy while on the road. Here’s how I keep my hydration levels up while travelling.

Photo courtesy of Systane.

Keep Your Eyes in Check

I didn’t even realize how much dry eyes were effecting me until I started to use eye drops. As someone who wears contact lenses and on an airplane frequently, I knew my eyes were irritated, but I thought it was just from being tired. Turns out, much like 30% of other Canadians, I had dry eyes and didn’t even know it. Using eye drops (my favourite is Systane Complete from Alcon Canada) changed the way I travel. A drop of this each morning, or once I get on a plane, means I get a better sleep (both on a plane and at my destination). That’s because Systane Complete is an all-in-one drop that treats all types of try eye along with multiple dry eye symptoms, meaning my eyes don’t feel itchy or irritated while I fly. Bonus: You can get these drops at pretty much any pharmacy, and the bottle is so little, it makes it easy to grab some for your carry-on. Trust me, your eyes will thank you!

Photo courtesy of Contiki.

Have Water, Everywhere

It can be tricky to keep your water intake up while you’re travelling. Especially if you’re in a spot where it’s difficult to find safe drinking water. I always travel with a reusable water bottle to reduce plastic use, but this one from Contiki is even better. There is a carbon filter built into the bottle itself, meaning you can get water from the tap, and it will be filtered into safe drinking water right in your bottle. Now there’s no excuse for not getting enough water!

Photo courtesy of Caudalie.

Double Up On Skin Care
You skin takes it hard when travelling. It can feel like the moisture is sucked right out of your skin leaving it dry, flakey and can even cause breakouts and wrinkles to be more visible. Two things that help keep my skin in check are a good, hydrating facial mist, like Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir with essential oils and botanicals that keep moisture locked in and your skin refreshed. I also never travel without The Ordinary’s Marine Hyaluronic serum because it provides serious hydration (I apply this at least twice a day, sometimes even more if I’m in a very dry climate).

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Nix the Alcohol

I know it’s not a fun thing to say, but limiting your alcohol (especially on planes) is one of the best ways to ensure your body stays hydrated. An airplane is already super dehydrating with recycle air, so don’t tempt it by adding alcohol to the mix. And once you arrive in your destination, just keep track of your drinks, making sure to always mix in some good ol’ water, or even better hydrating coconut water to keep you moisture levels up. 

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